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Friday, January 24, 2014

Planning a Puss in Boots Birthday Party

It is hard to believe that this crazy kid is just about 5 months away from turning 4!  4 Years Old!  How is that possible?

So with 4 approaching quickly you better believe we have started the party planning!
Let's be honest, the day after his Baseball Party he wanted to have another party with his friends!  He is like his mom, sing it...WE LIKE TO PARTY, WE LIKE, WE LIKE TO PARTY!

At first I was being THAT mom and pushing him to have a Word World Birthday Party.  He adores Word World and I love the ideas I had BUT my stubborn and original son has a different idea for his 4th Birthday Party.

Puss in Boots!!

How to prepare for a Puss in Boots Birthday Party:

First you laugh, seriously child.  This kitty is adorable and happens to be one of my favorite characters and I had the poster but yikes time to get creative!

Second you PIN!!
Follow Censie Sawyer's board Puss and Boots Birthday Party on Pinterest.
Third you keep asking the soon to be birthday boy what he loves about Puss in Boots.  His answer, "his sword!"  Well okay.

Fourth you ask your amazing readers for some creative food ideas, fun decorations and goodies.  GO!

My ideas so far:
In the Puss in Boots movie you get a fiesta feel so I think we will keep with that.  Adding some fun labels to our food choices.
I plan on having a cake designed with Puss in Boots and his friends from the movie.
I want to use the Golden Eggs as the "Goodie Bags" for our guests - filling them with golden coins and some other trinkets.
If I all of sudden decided to learn how to sew I would totally make capes for everyone...don't hold your breath but it is an idea I had.  Although he does have 2 grandmas that DO sew....ummm.
The colors of the decor will be orange, yellow and black.  Kind of Halloween-ish so I will need to work on that.

Well as the planning continues keep your eye out for anything that makes you think PUSS IN BOOTS!  I welcome any ideas and help!

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  1. Hmm...this is sort of a tough one! Maybe make the invitations like Puss' wanted poster?

    Colors I would do gold instead of yellow, charcoal and black.

  2. CUTE party theme! I like it when they are unique like that! The cape idea is great. Put those Grandmas to work! LOL!

  3. Beer boot mugs as centerpieces, filled with coordinating candy and balloons coming out the top!

  4. I think you are on to something! Eyan wants a dance party...

  5. I had a blast planning my daughter's Little House birthday party. I also blogged about all that we did from outfit (sewn by me) to favors (aprons and things from the "store") and all of the activities and food. FUN!


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