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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mickey Mouse #DisneySide Party

Disclosure:  Disney and Mom Select sent some of the supplies I used to host the party. No compensation! 

About a month ago I received this huge box in the mail.  I opened it and found all sorts of great goodies to create my own #DisneySide party.  I immediately knew that we would throw a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse play-date.  The winter is long and play dates are a life saver, plus so much fun for the kids.  It is time to share the fun we had and even a couple of DIY easy tutorials for the party decor!  Ready?  

I hosted a lunch time play-date so of course we needed a toddler friendly lunch.  Here is our great spread of food and decorations.  The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party theme is super easy to design.  I focused on the colors Red, Yellow, and Blue.  

I wanted to do a lunch that was easy for me, the host, to put together but a great meal for everyone who was eating.  I first thought of grilling and then I started singing a very familiar song.  "Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog!"  Sorry, I know you have that stuck in your head now.  

Hot Diggity Dog Bar.  Hot Dog Bar

Introducing the Hot Diggity Dog Bar.  This is super easy to replicate and to be honest I might do this for all of our upcoming birthday parties because it was a hit and it was easy!  

How to set up your Hot Diggity Dog Bar - 
You will need Hot Dogs, Hot Dog Buns and then bowls of other condiments that you think your guests will enjoy on their hot dogs.  I had shredded cheese, onions, yellow and red bell peppers, pickles, mustard, Ketchup and Relish.  Super easy and really kid friendly!  

Caroline and Jude - these 2 are 10 days apart and have been buddies since birth.   It has been fun to see them grow-up.  

Rex and Pilot enjoying their #DisneySide lunch.  

Showing our #DisneySide with all of Jude and Teagan's Disney friends!!  Our living room was transformed into a Disney only playroom!  

Easy Photo Booth Back Drop - Crepe Paper

Photo Booths are certainly a trending activity at any event; birthdays, weddings and parties.  I decided that having a little dress up corner with a photo booth back drop would be a fun activity for the kiddos.  I found some great Photo Booth Mickey Mouse Props from a shop called CraftingByDenise on etsy and man the kids loved them.  

To create this easy Crepe Paper Photo Booth Back Drop follow these simple instructions:
Using a plastic tablecloth that is pinned to your wall, tape crepe paper strips to the tablecloth.  For ours we alternated colors.  Like I said it is a really simple and easy back drop for your home Photo Booth fun!

Photo Booth was a success and we got some fun pictures of most of the kiddos.  

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes.  Minnie Mouse Cupcakes.

I knew that I wanted to use the Mickey Mouse cupcake liners that #Disney provided me with and I wanted to be creative but not go crazy.  I found these simple Mickey Mouse Cupcakes and knew these would be adorable on our table.  

Now when I say simple...I mean SUPER simple.  All you need is to bake some cupcakes and then using red food coloring make Red frosting - if you are doing a Minnie Party make pink!!  Frost your cupcakes as usual.  Simply buy the mini Oreos and place 2 cookies on each cupcake creating Mickey Ears!!  So cute!!

We told all of our guests to wear their favorite Disney character shirt or costume.  This little lady out did herself!!  Cinderella look-a-like!!  She even had a beautiful bun in her hair.  Zoie is certainly a princess!!  So much fun!!

Caroline was trying to kiss Jude but he wasn't having it!  Ironically Caroline was wearing an Ariel shirt.  All we could think of was the song "Kiss the Girl!"  So many fun memories made!!

The red frosting was a hit with all the kids!  Frosting EVERY WHERE!!!  This meant we had some naked boys in our home too!  ;)

Owen had more frosting on him than what he actually ate.  Too cute.  Baby blues!  

When the kids weren't playing with toys or running crazy they did some coloring.   I found some giant coloring books that were perfect for our #DisneySide party.  

Even Teagan and Owen colored...well until Teagan ate a crayon.  Owen and Teagan were born on the same day in the same hospital just hours apart.  Another arranged marriage.  ;)  

To share all of the great items that Disney and Mom Select gave me I created some goodie bags for each of our guests.  Check out what was included!!  Stickers, candy, tattoos, Craisins, a bracelet, and a fun Disney cup!!  

Our #DisneySide Party was a lot of fun.  We were able to visit with our adult friends but also have a play-date that resulted in a 3 hour nap for our kids!  HA!  Priceless!!  

How do you show your #DisneySide?  If you were invited to our party what character would you have chosen to wear?  

I wore Belle!  ;o)  

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  1. What a fun party! I could definitely get on board with that hot dog bar :)

  2. What a cute party! Looks like they all had fun. :)

  3. Super cute party! Looks like it was a lot of fun - I love the backdrop you made!

  4. How fun! Love the idea of making your own photo booth back drop!


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