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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nine Amazing Olympic Athletes in the Citi® #EveryStep of the Way Program

Disclosure:  This post was created in partnership with Citi®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Winter Olympics have been basically the only thing on our TV, we sit as a family and enjoy cheering on on our USA team.  It is a great experience as a family because we get to see sports that are not always televised but behind the ski masks, the beautiful ice skating dresses, and hockey gear there are the Olympians.  These hard working and dedicated athletes that know how important it is to have a chance at the biggest dream a person could possibly have.  I love watching the montages about the athletes because it shows that these American heroes are real people and had some hardships as well.  

So what happens when there are NINE U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes, $500,000 dollar donation from Citi® and NINE programs in need?  Well each of those amazingly strong athletes partners with one of those great programs/charities in need and then you get to help vote where that large sum of money goes.  

To find out more about each athlete and the program of their choice visit the Citi® Every Step of the Way website.  Each of them have a great story about who they are the program they are standing tall for.  Check out an introduction video all about the Every Step of the Way Program:

After hearing all of the stories my vote will go to Evan Lysacek a gold medalist for Figure Skating.  His program of choice will go to young skaters in the Urban Areas of Harlem, giving the kids a chance at becoming something amazing.  His mom gave him some great advice that we should all remember in our daily life "If someone is better than you,you have to work harder than them."  Evan is proof of how determination can make any dream possible.  What a great role model for our youth.  


So who will you vote for?  Which story makes your heart jump?  Visit the Citi® #Every Step of the Way Program website to place your vote!

*Citi donated the $500,000 to the USOC. It is not donating the funds to the sports programs directly. Instead, at the conclusion of the Every Step of the Way program, the USOC will distribute the funds to the sports programs.
* Consumers can’t award funds directly, rather they are “helping” to award the funds. * Every sports program has a fundraising goal. Once that goal is met, consumers will not be able to help allocate funds to that program through* Consumers who are ThankYou® members can redeem their own ThankYou Points for a donation to the sports program of their choice. Any such donation would be in addition to the funds provided by Citi through the Every Step of the Way program.

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