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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our Family Valentine's Day Dinner

Parenthood truly opens your hear to a whole different meaning to almost every holiday, especially Valentine's Day.  In my Valentine's Day post I told you all how we would not be going out to some fancy meal or exchanging sparkly goodies and sweets but instead we were going to be THAT family and get a Heart Shaped Pizza!  That is exactly what we did and it was one of the most special evenings we have spent together as a family of four.

Check out our great dinner table spread!!  Jude thought the Heart Shaped Pizza was pretty fun but his favorite part?  The cute paper straws I picked up.  Funny.  These simple and very affordable decorations made these special dinner even more exciting for Jude.  

Teagan loves Pizza so dinner was a hit with her.  Our littlest Valentine!

Jude was so ready for this.  He kept saying "Thank you" to us for having a party.  So special.  I know we created some memories and I hope some traditions too!!

After dinner Jude and Jeremy made cookies to go with our ice cream sundaes.  Yum!  

When the cookies baked we gave the kiddos their gifts from us.  Teagan got some of her favorite dessert - yogurt melts and a baby Ana Doll from Frozen.  She was instantly in love!  

We got Jude a giant sidewalk chalk pencil and an Etch a Sketch.  This Etch a Sketch has been a hit with Jude.  He actually sits and focuses on it.  I love that.   

After presents we made our ice cream sundaes.  It was a fun night of family time.  No TV, no Ipods, no phones.  Just family!  I hope we can do this every year on Valentines Day.  

How did you celebrate Valentines Day with your kids?

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  1. lol totally didn't do anything for Colin or Owen - I feel like such a slacker this year! But I did do a lunch with friends - hosted them and gave them little trinkets. They're my true valentines this year

  2. Looks like fun! And look at the adorable dog valentine ;)


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