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Friday, February 7, 2014

Teagan's First Swimming Lessons

Teagan finally had her first swimming lessons last weekend.  We signed her up awhile ago but she got sick and then I got sick.  We weren't real sure how she would react to the water because she hasn't been in the pool much.  

We were so happy when she was all laughs and smiles during her class.  We reviewed how to kick, paddle and blow bubbles!  And we even went under water!!  Besides getting cold by the end of the class she was happy the whole time!

Smiles!  Even after mommy dunked me!!

This girl can kick!  She was kicking her legs like crazy!  It was so cute.  Also, check out that adorable purple tutu swimsuit that her Daddy picked out for her!  How cute!!  

Mommy blowing bubbles, Teagan never really made bubbles but she did get a few drinks of water!  Nom Nom!  

I am so happy that we are starting her early just like we did with Jude.  Swimming is so important and I know we will have 2 kids who are accustomed to the water and the rules of the water!  I cannot wait until next week.  It is a fun mommy and daughter time. Special memories!

Did you start swimming early with your children?  

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