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Monday, March 17, 2014

Litter Genie is the Purrrfect Gift for your Cat #petparents #PMedia #ad

Disclosure: This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Litter Genie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #petparents

March marks Sophie's birthday month which means it was time to think about a special treat just for our special fur-baby. Isn't she a pretty kitty!? She deserves a fresh and clean litter box and as a busy family we seem to sometimes let her down in that department. Time to make sure that her litter box is always fresh and clean just for her.

Litter Genie is the Purrrfect Gift for your Cat #petparents #PMedia #ad

We decided to head to Target to get the New Litter Genie and refill packs and gift them just for Sophie.  The Litter Genie is something that I wish we had years ago.  While this is a present for Sophie, I believe that all of us will be benefiting from the Litter Genie as well.  

Litter Genie is the Purrrfect Gift for your Cat #petparents #PMedia #ad

The Litter Genie is so well priced but Target is making this special treat even more attainable.  Head on over to to print off your $3.00 off the Litter Genie!  Great deal for something so handy.  

$3.00 off Litter Genie at Target - coupon.

Litter Genie is the Purrrfect Gift for your Cat #petparents #PMedia #ad

Now here is why I know that Sophie will like this Litter Genie as much as we do.  Instead of us waiting until trash day to clean out her litter box we will be able to simply clean it every night before we feed her dinner.   The way our house is set up we do not have an easy access to our outside trash cans which means scooping kitty boxes are not fun!  The Litter Genie is the ultimate litter disposal system that leaves your home free of litter box odors, with out the daily trips to the trash can!

Litter Genie is the Purrrfect Gift for your Cat #petparents #PMedia #ad

Honestly, having the Litter Genie has made us better #PetParents!  We are keeping Sophie's litter box clean and I know she appreciates it.    

We have a small area that we keep our litter box but the Litter Genie is such a great compact item that it fits and looks great.  It doesn't look like a trash can at all.  Bonus is that the scoop is held on the side of the Litter Genie, everything you need to keep the kitty box nice and clean is right there! 

Litter Genie is the Purrrfect Gift for your Cat #petparents #PMedia #ad

To use the Litter Genie it only takes seconds to refresh your home and remove any kitty box stinks.  

Step one - Scoop Litter Box
Step two - Open Lid and dispose of litter clumps
Step three - Pull handle to simply seal the stink inside the Litter Genie

The refills are priced great and with our one kitty should last us at least one month.  Nice!  

Before the Litter Genie anytime I would go downstairs I could smell the stink.  It isn't pleasant at all.  Now that we have been using the Litter Genie I do not smell that smell anymore!  I love it!  

Litter Genie is the Purrrfect Gift for your Cat #petparents #PMedia #ad

While Sophie cannot tell us thank you for her Birthday gift of the Litter Genie we can tell from her nice cuddles and loves that she one happy kitty!   I love our New Litter Genie as well because it makes the chore of cleaning a kitty litter box so much easier.  It isn't a chore anymore.  

Visit Litter Genie on Facebook and Twitter and make sure you take advantage of the great coupon on as well.  

Do you have a stinky Litter Box that would benefit from a Litter Genie?  

Instead of treats and toys for your kitty's birthday how about you give the gift of a Litter Genie!  

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  1. Great idea! Happy Birthday to Sophie!

  2. We also purchase this Litter Genie and like you we no longer have to wait til trash day to take out her litter...we love it!

  3. The diaper genie concept used for kitty litter?! Why did we not patent this? We could be rich!


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