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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brown Bagging it with Oscar Mayer Portable Protein Packs #PortableProtein #shop

Packing my lunch every day for work is a chore, a chore that I despise!  Oscar Mayer is making my morning chore so much easier now with P3!  Wonder what P3 is?  Portable Protein Packs - a simply wholesome and filling item to add to your brown bag lunch.  

Oscar Mayer P3 portable Protein Pack #portableprotein #shop #cbias

I am a brown bag lunch packer for work.  It is one of the many ways my husband and I save money and keep from eating heavy fast food lunches like most of our coworkers do.  Oscar Mayer has put together a great snack option that can be added to your lunch to make a meal.  The Oscar Mayer Portable Protein Packs come in 4 different varieties;  Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast, Applewood Smoked Ham, Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast and Slow Roasted Turkey Breast.   

I was looking for a fast and easy to pack lunch that was still nutritious and wholesome but doesn't make me want to take a nap under my desk after lunch.  I headed to Walmart and found these great and convenient P3 varieties.  Not only are they packed full of protein but the price cannot be beat!  ONE dollar for the main dish of your lunch!?  Yes please!     

Oscar Mayer P3 portable Protein Pack #portableprotein #shop #cbias

The P3 packs come with Kraft cheese, Oscar Mayer meat and Planters nuts.   A perfect combination - #MeatCheeseNuts! To make this snack a meal I simply pack a piece of fruit and a yogurt in my lunch bag and I am good to go. Often times around 3pm I hit a big slump at work.  I feel tired and unfocused.  Having these Protein Packed meals make my days so much more productive.  I am less tired in the afternoon and I feel recharged after lunch and not slumpy.  

Oscar Mayer P3 portable Protein Pack #portableprotein #shop #cbias

Oscar Mayer has found the perfect balance in a meal.  Meat, Cheese and Nuts.  Yum!  I can easily take control of my brown bag lunch and know that what I am eating is full of protein and nutrition that my body really needs to get through the day.  

I have even had these as a snack on the weekend.  The convenience is perfect for every on the go busy parent out there.  Often times we forget to feed ourselves when we are at home taking care of kids, grab a P3 and you are set to go until dinner time.  

Oscar Mayer P3 portable Protein Pack #portableprotein #shop #cbias

Oscar Mayer is a brand I trust, which means the quality of these #PortableProtein Packs are high as always. Let P3 help you get on track and stay on track with your brown bag lunch packing and afternoon slump fighting.   

My favorite Oscar Mayer Portable Protein Pack is the Applewood Smoked Ham with reduced fat sharp Cheddar cheese and dry roasted almonds.  Gets me fueled for an afternoon at work!

What variety would you pack for lunch or a snack? 

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  1. Great snack or addition to lunch for work or even kids!

  2. I, too, pack lunches for myself to avoid fast food and the greasy post-crash. These P3 packs look like they won't weigh me down, and I love your idea to toss in some fruit for a lighter lunch on the go. #client

  3. Great quick and easy snack packed with protein! Sure to hold you over! #client


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