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Friday, March 21, 2014

Live Basil Pizza - Colorado #LiveBasilPizza

Last night Jeremy and I got an impromptu date night that we will remember forever.  After work we headed to the newest location of a new local Colorado based pizza joint called Live Basil Pizza.  The concept of Live Basil is this – Organic, Natural, Local and Live.  Each of Live Basil Pizza’s items has one or more of those factors in their presentation. 

Live Basil Pizza - Colorado

Let me be honest – the salads and pizzas that we sampled last night were to die for.  They were deliciously fresh and the combinations were something that made your mouth jump with happiness.   Since you cannot taste what we tasted (SORRY) I think my pictures will tell 1000 words.  

We started our evening with drinks and 2 salads that were amazing.  Jeremy’s favorite was the chopped salad with the Green Chile Ranch dressing.  Yum! 

The atmosphere of Live Basil Pizza goes right along with the food choices.  Fresh!  The d├ęcor makes you feel like you are stepping into a modern day Italy.  Oh and the stove!  My goodness the stove.  Burns both gas and wood at over 600 degrees you do not wait long for your pizzas – 5 minutes people!  5 minutes for one of these beauties. 

Live Basil Pizza - Colorado

This the 4th location to open in Colorado.  A 5th is set to open next month as well.  Here are the locations!  Make sure you stop in for lunch or dinner or both.  You will not be disappointed in your meal choice.  

6305 East Hampden Ave #102 Denver, CO 80220
11:00am-10:00pm Everyday!
10320 Federal Blvd., #200 Federal Heights, CO 80260
1128 South Colorado Blvd.
Glendale, CO 80246
7305 E. 35th Ave
Denver, CO 80238                                                                                                                                                

Live Basil Pizza - Colorado

Our first pizza was the Live Basil Margherita pizza.  This was my favorite.  The basil is fresh and live and AMAZING. The Mozzarella was to die for too.  You can just taste the great ingredients working together on this pie.   

Live Basil Pizza - Colorado

This one is called The Hot One.  Yup and it is HOT.  Too hot for me but I did try it!  Red sauce, spicy pepperoni and fresh jalapenos.  Yikes!  The owner said he doesn't like when something says it is spicy or hot and it isn't so he makes sure that The Hot One is plenty hot!  

Live Basil Pizza - Colorado

I am not a big Mushroom fan but this Arugula, Wild Mushroom and Truffle white pizza was really good.  The white pizza sauce mixed with the mushrooms, truffle oil and fresh shaved Parmesan cheese was amazing.  Something about this pizza said spring.  The crunch of the arugula was the perfect topper.  

Live Basil Pizza - Colorado

Now I know I said that the Live Basil Margherita pizza was my favorite but this Maui BBQ Natural Chicken pizza is a very close competitor for first place.  The mix of BBQ sauce, pineapple, onion and chicken is perfect.  I have always loved pineapple on my pizza.  The sweet, smokey, spicy taste is a great choice for a non traditional pizza.  

Live Basil Pizza - Colorado

Now our last pizza brought us something we would have never imagined.  One of the biggest concepts that the Live Basil Pizza chefs pride themselves in is the opportunity to use local produce.  The Organic Asparagus Pizza is so special.  The flavor burst you find after a bite of this pie makes you immediately wonder why you never thought of putting asparagus on your pizza before!  The asparagus they are using for this pizza comes from a local farm in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The Asparagus is crisp and cooked to perfection.  Put this on the yummy white creamy sauce with  goat cheese and truffle oil and you have a pizza that you will be dreaming about for days.  YUM!  

Live Basil Pizza - Colorado

Our menu for the night.  I am so excited that we were able to be apart of the soft opening of the newest Live Basil Pizza in Colorado.  The chefs, Andrew and Jason were very informative and ready to answer any questions about their pizzas.  And then there is Tom Ryan.  The man behind this authentic Neapolitan pizza joint.  Tom was very welcoming and so exciting to see another one of his concepts getting rave reviews.  You see, Tom is quite the food scientist. He is the founder of Smashburger as well.  He has been involved in creations with McDonalds, Quiznos, and Pizza Hut.  Frankly, you need to thank him for Stuffed Crust Pizza and Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits!  This experience was great for Jeremy and me.  We got to see the people behind the product and you could see how amazingly excited and proud they were of their products.  And man it was good!  We left stuffed and ready for a nap. 

Now here is something I need from you!  There is a contest going until tonight at 8pm.   The person with the most LIKES on their #livebasilpizza pictures will when Live Basil Pizza for FREE for a YEAR!  Um YUM!  I would love your help.  Simply find me on Instagram @censiej and like the photo you see below. 

If I win I promise to share my pizza with my lovely fans!  So help a girl out!  

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Make sure you visit your nearest Live Basil Pizza!  A must visit if you are here in Colorado on vacation!  

Disclosure:  My husband and I were invited to the soft opening of Live Basil Pizza.  Our food was complementary.  My review above is my honest opinion and has not been swayed buy the gift of PIZZA!  ;)  Yum!

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  1. That sounds like a super fun night! Pizza is my favorite and it looks soooo good.

  2. Great review, I will be in Denver this weekend sounds like great dinner plans. I live in Grand Lake Colorado and I own a store called Quacker Gift Shop: Bring the family this summer and I'll trade, rubber ducks for a review :). Let me know what you think.

  3. I will definitely keep this in mind when we visit Denver! My husband loves Margherita pizza and that looks very appetizing! :)


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