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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Smiles and Fun

The kiddos are growing up so quickly.  It really is amazing how much they change every day and how big they are getting.

Teagan is a quite the diva but yet a Tomboy as well.  She knows what she wants and can get it.  She is a climber and a talker.  At only 17 months she has quite the personality.  I can see how her and Jude will be best buddies when they are a bit older.

Like I said, she is a diva, she likes her jewelry and dresses but loves to be a fun Tomboy too.  Like this! Ha! Jessie hat from Toy Story, Superhero Cape and her Sunday church dress.  Haha!  I love her.  She makes me laugh every day.

Now Jude, our special Turtle. He is a character and is growing up so fast.  In just 3 months he will be 4!  I really do not know how that is possible.  Jude is very smart.  He picks up on so much, he is not a kid you can tell you will do something later because he will remember that!  He is active as ever and does best when he can have time outside to run out his energy.  

He has a huge interest in the Human Body thanks to my health teach mom who has worked with him on his questions.  He can tell you exactly how your brain tells you to eat, and what happens to the food you eat and the organs that make your digestive system work! Amazing!!  I think he might be a science major!

Our first born certainly gives us attitude challenges but overall he is a caring and loving boy.  

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  1. I'll be a mom in June and I hear a lot from my mom friends that babies grow up so fast. It's bittersweet that sometimes you wish for them to stay babies forever. :)
    Your kids are adorable by the way! :)


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