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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014 was full of fun, smiles and eggs!  We started our Easter weekend with a local Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday afternoon. We went to the same one as last year and it was a lot of fun again!  This was a great year for Teagan and Jude.  Jude was old enough to really understand what an Easter Egg Hunt was and Teagan was old enough to participate in her first one!

Teagan was total Elmo for this hunt.  She is obsessed with Elmo so when I saw the Elmo Easter basket at Target I had to buy it for her!  She loved Elmo so much that she would not let us take her basket from her when we got to the car.  Silly girl!  

Jude did good!  Now if you remember last year he we left this Easter Egg hunt with 1 empty orange egg and a Twizzler.  HA!  This year he did good!  Check out all those eggs!!

This picture melts my heart!  A girl and her Daddy.  Walking back to the car after a fun Easter Egg hunt.  

Ready for church in our Sunday best!  What goofballs!!  Happy Easter!!!

Hunt number 2!  This time at church.  After church we let the kiddos do another hunt with the church.  Don't you love her outfit???  Adorable!!

Check out that concentration.  Oh so tempting!  Jude did good waiting for the Hunt to start.  

Teagan certainly got the hang of this Easter Egg thing.  

So many eggs so little time!

Um, notice the full basket of eggs.  We had to tell Jude to stop because his basket was full!  Goodness!  That was a BIG Easter Egg Hunt!

Okay, these two!  Adorable.  They really do love each other!!  

Happy Easter!!  We hope that you and your family had a blessed day!  

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  1. Ok the pictures of them snuggling are killing me with cuteness! Love it!

  2. Teagan's dress is so cute and her pigtails! how sweet - happy easter!


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