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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Teagan needs her own room...STAT!

Well the grand idea of having Jude and Teagan sharing a room until Jude was older is NOT working.  We are not sleeping in this house and it is because this adorable almost 18 month old girl has never had a bedtime routine.  Time to change that!

At first I thought we would just move Jude down to the other room but the more I thought about it I decided that wasn't the best decision.  Jude is attached to his room, he has slept in that room since he was brought home from the hospital...Teagan has no attachment to that room and has never really slept in it.  So the plan will be to clean out our guest room, paint, decorate and move her crib and dresser downstairs.  Then we train that little one to go to bed on her own.

So of course with all this decorating talk I HAD to start thinking about about colors, themes and decorations!!  Ready for this?

Teagan's room will be Grey, Pink, and Teal.  No theme, just whimsical and comfy.  Not too girly but just enough to let her know she is THE lady of the family.

The prints of the quote "Let Her Sleep For When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains - And Though She Be But Little She is Fierce" pretty much describes Teagan exactly how we see her.  She is little, but full of will and ready to be a fierce little girl.  Just what we want her to be like.  That will be the centerpiece of her room.  I will be adding a handmade bunting banner made by my very best friend - how special.  I plan on painting the walls grey and adding touches of the teal and pink through out.  

We will move her dark colored dresser and crib down to her room as well.  Buying some new sheets and fun pillows to add to the whimsical feeling.  I want Teagan to enjoy her room and her crib as I know the transition is going to be hard.  We will be crying it out and working towards a good bedtime routine.  

As much as we will miss having the guest room, we miss our sleep even more.  Time for a change!  I am hoping to post some progress pictures soon!  Wish us luck!!  

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  1. Edison HAS a room,but it's not set up.whoops

  2. good luck..sharing rooms can be very challenging!!


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