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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jude's Big Boy Bed!

We finally made the switch!  Mister Jude is officially in a Big Boy Bed.  As of last weekend he is no longer in a crib...yes a crib.  We never converted to a toddler bed with Jude because he LOVED his crib.  Instead we went big and did this...

I always thought we would convert to a toddler bed but there was no need.  But now Jude is the owner of a full size bed! He is very excited and he has done surprisingly well with the transition.  Thank goodness!!  

We are currently in the middle of updating his room to a theme he picked - Robots.  More on that as soon as we have the room finished!  

It is so weird to walk into his room and see an adult size bed instead of a crib.  Growing up so quick.  

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  1. It's so awesome though - I love Owen being in a bigger bed so I can sit and snuggle with him and read stories at bedtime

  2. I just moved my toddler to a big boy bed last month! Crazy to think how fast they grow up.

  3. I cannot remember when we even put my kids in the toddler bed.. Robots is a cool theme..

  4. Awe...he looks so happy in his new bed...that bed looks huge compared to him..I bet he will have a lot of fun!

  5. Love the pattern / theme he picked. Lennox is in her toddler bed / converted crib still - after her 4th birthday we will buy her a twin bed! So big.

  6. Awww! He looks so cute in that big bed :) And I LOVE the bedding!

  7. They do grow way too fast...he looks adorable in his big boy bed though :)


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