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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jude's Parent Teacher Conference

A couple weeks ago we had Jude's second Parent Teacher Conference.  It really is amazing how much he has changed and grown since August.  I am very happy with our choice of sending Jude to a Montessori Preschool and plan on continuing as long as we can afford it.

Ready to hear all about how Jude has been doing?

Jude has achieved comprehension in the following areas:
*Separates easily from parents
*Takes care of personal needs
*Respects classroom materials
*Works independently the majority of the time
*Follows classroom rules
*Right Hand Dominate
*Identifies colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, brown, black,white, grey, pink
*Recognizes first name
*Knows last name
*Participates in discussions during group time
*Understands "More than and less than"
*Able to put coat on
*Uses art materials

*Can count from 1-12
*Recognizes and can name numerals 1-5

Jude needs to work on the following concepts:
*Interacting positively with classmates
*Focuses on his own work
*Needs to work on pencil grip

*Needs to work on cutting with scissors
*Needs to work on not interrupting

*Work on printing name
*Needs to work on fastening his coat (zipper club!)

Jude's teacher is very impressed with what he has achieved in the last 7 months.  He is a young preschooler so next year we will really work hard the concepts mentioned above.  

In August, Jude will start going 3 days a week and will stay with the same teacher.  We are very proud of our little man.  He is growing and learning every day!  

And now a little of Jude's art work!  We are fully aware of his creativeness but have a feeling that he will be more of an athlete than an artist.  To each their own.  Here is Jude's piece - SPRING.  

A masterpiece!  


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