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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Keep Good Going: A Gift of a Lifetime

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Recently I found this great video called My Uncle’s Gift, a short video all about a young man's journey to become a filmmaker with the help of his Uncle.  This is a must watch video and I know it will get you thinking just like I started thinking back to how I was brought up and how I plan to continue the Keep Good Going movement with my children.  

Attitude means everything in today's world.  I am planning on instilling the same positive attitude in my children as my parents taught me.  Be nice.  Be caring.  Be ready to help.  Be you.  All amazing lessons that I feel are building blocks to great character.  I know how lucky my children are to have the items and positive lifestyle they have in our home but do they know how lucky they are?  

In our home we are big on having our children see how a gift, albeit a small gift can truly change some one’s life.   These actions can be done in so many ways and it really warms my heart when I see my children get excited to help others.  I want my children to understand that when they help others they could be changing that person’s life for the better!

This video shows this.  I would like to see my children grow up to be as caring and supportive as the Uncle in this video.  Without support and help we might not be the people we are today.  I think it is also important to realize that offering help doesn't have to be to someone you know.  It can be to the homeless, a non profit or even a stranger on the street.  It's the good you want to pass onto others - in big or small ways - because it can positively shape their life experiences.  

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