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Monday, April 14, 2014

Kids Art Wall Ideas

Since Jude is in Preschool now we have a huge pile of great Art Work that he has created while in school.  I do not want to keep the art work in a folder, I really want to display it.  I have been trying to find some great Kids Art Wall ideas on pinterest and there are some great ideas!  

Now we need to find the perfect wall in our house to display Jude's creative ideas!  

Here are some of the ideas that I want to incorporate into our own Art Wall.  

Find these Ideas here:

Multiple Frames - IHeart Organizing

Chalkboard and Frames - KidSpaceStuff

Large Clip Display - The Idea Spot 

Masterpieces Display - A Little of This A Little of That

Curtain Rod Display - Momma Rake

DIY Large Frame Display - And Next Comes L

Twine and Mini Clothespins - Design Improvised 

Have you found a creative way to display your children's Art Work?

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  1. I found this pin a long time ago:

    I've yet to do it but I will get there! ~Stacy

  2. I'm loving these ideas for kid's art wall! Thanks for the inspiration to get started!


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