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Monday, April 7, 2014

Upgrading to Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower

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Ten years ago we got married and registered for a vacuum...one that we didn't know anything about but it was on sale and a great deal.  Sure it lasted us TEN years but the fact is that vacuum could not stand the test of our children. Our messy, messy children.  Vacuuming is a chore, but a very annoying chore when the vacuum doesn't actually clean the surfaces in your home that need a good deep clean!  

So when this beautiful box landed on our doorstep I found myself excited to try that chore with this new AirSpeed All Floors vacuum from Eureka.  Yeah, excited to clean - what came over me?  I wanted to try all the gadgets and see all the power that the box told me my new vacuum had!  Let me tell you, my floors were SO ready - when you see how dirty my floors are please don't judge me. 

Upgrading to Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower

I knew I wanted a new vacuum that was powerful enough to take on any challenge my children throws at me my floor.  While doing some research on Walmart.com I was really focused on the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors due the the 5 star reviews, the look and the features.  Not to mention the price!  I was willing to put in a good amount towards a replacement vacuum due to us not upgrading for over ten years but I didn't have to even blink at this price!  

Upgrading to Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower

This was the first time I had bought from Walmart.com and I know I will do it again, it was easy and the shipping was FREE!  Hello!  Perfect deal!  And who doesn't like getting mail like this after a crappy day at work?

Upgrading to Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower

The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum is totally affordable, lightweight (WAY different than the 10 year old one we lug around now!) and has some amazing features that we really enjoy!
*Deep Cleans All Floors - Perfect for our home, we have carpet, tile and hardwood!  
*AirSpeed Technology, designed to remove more dirt - you will see our dirty floors soon!
*Never will lose suction - bring on another 10 years, or hey how about 20!
*Allergen Filter - we are a kitty family...goodness knows there is a lot of allergens in our home!
*39 Foot Total Reach System - boom!  Easy cleaning!
*Stair / Upholstery attachment - perfect to clean our dirty stairs and the couches!

Upgrading to Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower

Okay I told you not to judge.  Here is a picture of what our kitchen floor looks like after a meal with the kids.  Yikes.  Check out what Teagan ate for lunch - cheese, crackers, blueberries, and raisins?  Yum!  Time to get that mess cleaned easy and quickly!   One of the best things about the AirSpeed All Floors Eureka vacuum is that it WORKS!  Seriously, it is great having a vacuum that does the work for you.  All of that mess was cleaned up in no time.   

Upgrading to Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower

Eureka AirSpeed All Floors really does clean ALL floors.  This was really important to me when I was researching new vacuums since we have carpet, hardwood and tile in our home.  And the claim is right - it really does clean ALL floors!  Now, I do not have a Dyson but I will say I do not have the money to purchase one so if this vacuum cleans better for almost 400 dollars less I really do not care to look into a Dyson at all.  #EurekaPower!!!!

Upgrading to Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower

It feels so great to have an upgraded vacuum in our home.  I feel like with the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum we have a cleaner home which will hopefully keep us all healthier.  If you are in the market for a new vacuum and want something that is durable, lightweight, affordable and powerful we really recommend heading to Walmart.com to purchase this Walmart exclusive Eureka vacuum.  You will not be disappointed in your purchase.  

Please come over and check out our floors - if they are dirty I will let you try the new vacuum for fun!  

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  1. wow, this looks great! We don't have any carpeting in our house, so I love that it cleans on all surfaces!!

  2. Awesome-- you never know when you buy a vacuum if it's going to work well or not. We have a yellow lab, and his hair gets in everything-- so a good vacuum is really important.

  3. Our floor looks like that after meals with my two rugrats too! I love that Walmart.com has free shipping, and it looks like you got an awesome deal on that vacuum! #client


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