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Monday, May 5, 2014

10 Things You Should Know About Me #SoFabCon14

10 Things You Should Know About Me - #SoFabCon14

1.  My name is Censie - pronounced "KENZIE".  I promise you will think differently, and I will feel bad correcting you. Yup  it is different but now you will never forget it – especially if you read this post about my name

2.  I live in Denver Colorado - born and raised and still loving it!  The best part of Colorado you ask?  We get all four seasons - and that can be done in ONE day!  If you are ever in Denver, hit me up friends!  

3.  I am adopted.  It is my special story.  I have never known any different.  My adoption story can be found here.  

4.  I have been married to my college love for almost 11 years!  We are both Colorado Natives but met in college in Nebraska!  We graduated together and then moved back HOME that day!  

5.  I am the mommy of two amazing kiddos.  Jude who is almost 4 and Teagan who is 18 months.  Both of them are very active and spirited kids.  Our house is wild and crazy and I love it!  

6.  I work at a local non-profit that is all about helping children who have been faced with emotional challenges and abuse.  I have a passion for working in the non-profit world and I hope I can continue that passion for many years.  

7.  My favorite color is purple, my favorite animal is a sea otter and I have a "little" crush on Leonardo DiCaprio!  I will let you define "little"!  ;)  

8.  I have a special love for Old School Back in the Day hip hop music.  HA!  Yup this white girl loves it!   BUT give me some old school 80's rock and I will be happy too!  Especially my VERY favorite song - POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME!  

9.   I have been blogging on Building Our Story for almost 5 years now!  Crazy!!  It has been a fun ride and I hope that ride goes for many miles more!   

10.  SoFabCon14 is my very first blogging conference.  I am unbelievably excited to meet some amazing "bloggy friends", gain confidence and knowledge but also have some great adult only fun! 

I hope to see you there!   

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  1. Thank you for sharing Censie! I am so happy to learn how to pronounce your name!! Have fun at the conference. ~Stacy

  2. Hope you have the best time ever! And, I love Pour Some Sugar on Me!!!

  3. Hope you have a great time! I've really enjoyed working with CBias. I wish I could go to the conference, but we're celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this weekend.

  4. I'm impressed I knew pretty much everything on this list - can't wait to meet you in person finally - we're going to have a blast!

  5. Hi Censie, so nice to meet you! It's my very 1st blog conference too so the newbies have to stick together. Your kids are beautiful and the name pronunciation guide is awesome! hehe

  6. LOL - Pour Some Sugar On Me was my favorite song - until I heard my sweet innocent little 2 year old daughter singing it word for word! Um - time for mommy to find some more kid friendly tunes! (That was 18 years ago and that little sweetie just got married) Looking forward to meeting you at SoFabCon!

  7. Can't wait to meet you! My brother and his family live in Denver.


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