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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And then I stepped into the rain and out of my comfort zone...

I did this in Rogers Arkansas.  I stepped into a new world.  The world of Blogging Conferences.  I was full of nerves and anxiety the moment my plane touched down in the POURING rain but I was determined to rock it and show the REAL me.  The me that sits behind the computer every day and produces this blog.  
Guess what?  I did it.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and I stayed there...I liked it.  While I wish I could have had a video camera recording everything for you AND me because I don't ever want to forget this experience, all I have are some freaking fantastic cell phone pics.  Selfies included of course!!  

Ready to take a ride into SoFabCon14?  No not SOFABACON!  Although, that might be fun too!  (yes, we had MANY comments from our followers and friends not at the conference asking use what Sofabacon was!  ;)  Ha!  

One of the things I was most nervous about was my roommates.  We had never met in person, just online.  Let's be real, we all think about those crazy girls - what if one of them was CRAZY???  Yikes!  Well thankfully both Heather and Jacqueline were NOT crazy!  YAY! (man I hope I'm not the crazy one). ;)

On Thursday night we got all dressed up and headed to a really lovely art museum called Crystal Bridges to enjoy an opening reception with drinks and cocktails.  Remember that comfort I was out of it! LOTS of people, amazing people.  People who I had talked to many times via email, people that I looked up to for their amazing writing, people who hired me to work on their campaigns!  Many thanks!  I started recognizing people and chatting it up.  It was a great evening of talking and connecting.  I also got to rock my new dress from Deb Shops!  I LOVE it!  Perfect summer dress and got so many compliments!  Bonus!  

Oh and you know what is funny?  When you introduce yourself at a blogging conference, you not only tell the person your name but also your blog and twitter handle and THEN they know who you are!  Another reason why we must take pride in our blogs...people know you for them.  Tip!!

Don't we look great?  I think we felt great!

After a late night visit to a local bar after the Cocktail Reception we thought it would be hard to get up for the 8am breakfast on Friday morning but we were so energized and excited we were up and ready to go in no time!  

The opening Keynote was fantastic.  We were reminded about why we were here.  The feeling in the room was full of family - we aren't just bloggers or writers, we are a family of influencers are ready to work together!  What a great feeling!  

The first day of sessions were great.  I felt completely overwhelmed by lunch time but started making my "To-Do" list and was centered after that.  One tip at a time, I will get there.  Until then, I just took it all in and wrote it all down.  

Once the sessions were over we headed to the Brand Salons and had some fun together!  Seriously, Heather and Jacqueline are so fun.  We clicked - heck we even sang Britney Spears together!  Ha!  We did good ladies!  We played with make up, we found a wiener (hey get your head out of the gutter!), we took a pic with Brad Paisley and a Cheeseburger and did our hair.  Oh you know, the normal daily activities found at SoFabCon.  Pure fun, but also saw what brands want and need from us as bloggers!

One of the brands/sponsors of the conference was Tyson - yum, chicken!  Tyson gave us all the chance to enjoy some local food joints and sent us off to have dinner!  We decided to go to Houlihan's - American food.  We got together with a good group of ladies and had a great evening getting to know each other.  Oh and did you see my drinks?  Um yeah, I got 3 martini's for 9 bucks!  HEY!!  That's a good deal, I certainly couldn't pass it up!  Also, half way though dinner totally found out that Glenda from Busy-at-Home lived in Seward Nebraska!  I know that might mean nothing to some of you BUT that is the TINY little town Jeremy and I met in during college!  IRONIC!  

Like we hadn't had a busy enough day?  Nope time to change into your PJs and head to the NickMom PJ Party!!  It was fantastic.  The room was changed into the perfect place for lounging, eating, drinking and dancing!  Perfection!  Not to mention we got to meet Stefanie Wilder-Taylor from NickMom's Parental Discretion!  Holy Goodness!  She was amazing!  Not only did she do a great stand up for us but then she stayed and danced until they kicked us out!  AMAZING!  We had such a great time but we were all beat and ready to go to bed...we stayed out dancing until midnight!  I do not remember the last time I did that!  HA!  It was so necessary!  

After another day of fantastic sessions we headed to our room to get fancied up for a Masquerade Ball!  We put on our fancy dresses, did our hair, and got our make-up on perfect.  We looked amazing!   Jacqueline even brought her own mask!  Photo booths, boas, masks, dancing, drinks and food.  Oh the dancing!  While we weren't as energetic as the night before it was still fun.  It felt great to get dressed up and help Collective Bias celebrate their 5th birthday!  YAY!  

Oh the selfies - so many selfies!  

These show how many amazing ladies I was able to finally connect with.  
Melissa and Kristin and I have been talking via the blog world for years.  To finally be able to meet and connect was so fun or should I say WICKED amazing!  

Visiting with an amazing speaker that has me replaying her advice over and over in my head was a highlight for me.  Miss Denise W. Barreto you have inspired me. Care More, Fear Less.

Ravings By Rae, you also inspire me - girl your style rocks!  

Oh and the lovely Courtney, I enjoyed our convos over loaded french fries!  

And Brandi - we totally could have met earlier on the plane!  Funny that we were that close! Thanks for drawing my name for the prize too!  ;)  

Last but not least - Mallery and Summer.  These girls have been my support, they are the first Campaign Leaders that I really connected with.  With out them, I wouldn't have been at SoFabCon!  Ladies, you rock my face off.  

Wow!  What a weekend!  I am exhausted but had a fantastic time!  I know that if I put my mind to it, I will use the information that was handed to us at the conference and ROCK IT!  

So while I am back in my comfort zone now, I have a feeling that I will be busting out soon!  

Follow the #SoFabCon14 to see what the conference was all about.  You will be entertained!!  

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  1. AWESOME post!!! It was so great to finally meet you! I wish we had more time to sit and bond. Let me know if you want that pic of your awesome door decorating!! =) In case you didn't take one!

  2. You forgot about your upcoming video appearance! Vid-de-o! If that's not out of your comfort zone, I don't know what is. I'm so glad I was able to meet you AND tell everyone how to say your name. LOL!

  3. It was an awesome weekend - filled with awesome people, including you! Thanks for not being a crazy person who I now have to avoid in Denver ;-) and for being my roomie! #SoFabCon15 for sure!

  4. Great post! I'm amazed at how many other people felt out of their comfort zone. I thought it was just me!

  5. You guys looked like you had a blast!!

  6. I'm so glad you had roommates who weren't crazy. I wasn't that lucky. ;)

  7. Hey! I forgot to get those photo booth pics back from you. Would you mind sending me one? Glad y'all were my roomies! Hugs xoxo

  8. How fun! Definitely out of the comfort zone but sounds worth it!

  9. I truly could not tell you weren't in your comfort zone. I really enjoyed finally meeting you!

  10. Looks like tons of fun and learning! I am super excited to attend my first conference in September. I'm going to Type-A in Atlanta! WOOT!

  11. I loved meeting you! Can't wait to get to know you better. This was a fantastic post. It's making me realize I didn't take one picture with other people. That's just sad.


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