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Monday, May 12, 2014

Bing in the Classroom: Keeping your Children Safe

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Bing, #adfreesearch.  All opinions are my own.

It is no surprise that my children are almost as computer literate as I am!  It is a new world out there, a world that has opened the World Wide Web to everyone.  I am so thankful for the educational programs and games that are available for children online, honestly those games and programs sometimes keep me sane while we need quiet time in the house.  It is hard to believe that soon Jude will be taking computer classes in his schooling.  It starts so early now. This is great, especially for techie families like ours but it also brings up concerns about the safety of our children being online.

With the help of Bing in the Classroom I feel confident that my children will be able to use the internet responsibly.  Here is a great video that explains it all.  I am loving the idea of their initiative with keeping your child safe with #adfreesearch.

Bing allows children to use their search engine without having to navigate and see ads!  This makes me happy - some of the ads are not appropriate for children but also they are smart, they learn quickly about clicking on ads to buy fun games!  ;)   Along with the  #adfreesearch, you can also sign up to support your local schools by joining Bing Rewards!  Check here to see if your favorite school is on the list!  Who doesn't love supporting your local schools?  

I know that in the next couple of years Jude and Teagan will be learning so much via the internet, it is the new way of learning.  I am happy that Bing has the understanding that while parents want to support their children's education on computers and devices that we are worried parents and want our kids to be safe.  

How do you ensure that your children are using the technology provided to them in a responsible way?  Have you thought about how you will track and moderate the usage as they grow older?

Join us in Supporting Bing in the Classroom and #AdFreeSearch by clicking here!

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