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Friday, May 2, 2014

I made the Swim Team! SwimWays® Swim Steps™ Ambassador 2014

That's right folks, you will be able to see both Jude and Teagan grown in the swimming department this summer because I am officially a SwimWays® Swim Steps™ Ambassador!  I am very excited for this opportunity because this summer is packed full of swimming opportunities for our kiddos.  

I grew up loving to swim and I was never fearful of the water, I learned at a very young age how to be comfortable in the water and I hope to have the same education for my children. Right now we have both kids in swimming lessons and that has really helped them both get accustomed to the pool.  Living in Colorado does make learning to swim a bit more difficult because of the snowy months but thankfully our rec center is just up the road from us so the lessons are an easy class to make.  

Jude is a level one right now, depending on the day he is timid and needs help jumping under water but on other days he is a daredevil ready to have some pool fun!  He will be our biggest challenge this year in the pool.   We have a couple of trips planned this summer with his older cousin so I am afraid he will want to try to do things he just isn't ready for.  With the help our SwimWays® Swim Steps™ products I think Jude will feel secure and safe!  

Teagan is just beginning to find her love for swimming pools.  Right now she is in a Parent-Tot swim class at the rec center and loving it!  This summer will be a lot of floating and exploring for Teagan!  Should be a lot of fun.  I am really excited to see the products from SwimWays® that are made just for Teagan's size and age!  

So what's next?  Weather...yeah Colorado time to warm up!  We want to hit the pool!  Until then stay connected with  SwimWays®  on FacebookTwitter or Pinterest or Google+

Make sure you are connected so you can celebrate National Learn to Swim Day too!  The official day is May 17th!  Are you ready to get prepared for a fun summer at the pool?  We are!!

Disclosure: The SwimWays® Swim Steps™ Ambassador program is providing us with product compensation in exchange for our participation this summer!

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  1. This post reminded me that I have to sign lennox up for swimming lessons before we head to glenwood springs next month!!

  2. Getting Olivia enrolled in swim lessons is definitely on my "To Do" list this summer. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


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