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Monday, May 12, 2014

Teagan's 18 Month Professional Pictures!

It's true.  She is 18 months!  

For her 18 month photos we headed to our favorite Target Portrait Studio and had some fun.  I found these adorable purple converse shoes that Teagan NEEDED!  I decided to use the adorable white eyelet dress and jean jacket that I found at OshKosh B'gosh and added the purple shoes.  Eek!  Adorable spring photos!!

We really didn't think the photos would come out great because she was all over the place but they turned out perfect.  We totally went out of our comfort zone and ditched the white background and decided on a pop of bright colors instead!  I am so glad we did that.  

This face is Teagan - ornery and up to no good!  ;)  

Pretty girl!  Her hair is getting so long.  

Styling little lady!!  

This girl has us both wrapped around her little finger!   Oh the shoes!!!!

18 months!  Unbelievable!  It goes so fast!  I love this age though.  She is so much fun right now!  

 photo signature_zps997af43a.png


  1. I love the background of these photos. And her sneakers are SO cute!

  2. OK Seriously the ornery face! Fantastic

  3. So cute!! Love her shoes!!!!!


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