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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zoo Day at the Denver Zoo!

Jude's last day of preschool was on Thursday but his class had a Zoo Day planned on Monday after school was out.  We headed to the Denver Zoo to meet up with his classmates.  It was a perfect Colorado morning for a zoo day too!  It was going to be a HOT afternoon so the morning was perfect.  The animals were out and about and the kiddos were hyper as ever.  

We spent the morning with Jude's "Best Friend".  These two were very funny to watch but exhausting too!  Neither of them walked...more like skipped or ran the entire time!!  HA!

Goofballs!  I am happy to hear that Jude will have his BFF in his class next year too.  Should be another fun school year with these two!  

Checking out the Monkeys!  The monkeys were trying to open up a coconut for breakfast.  That was really fun to watch.  They did eventually get it open and enjoyed it!  Yum!!  Sounds like a good breakfast to me! 

He has grown 2 inches since the last time we came to the zoo!  Goodness!  This kid is always growing!

This male grizzly bear was chasing the female who was in heat...that was interesting!  I felt really bad for the female...he wouldn't leave her alone!!  

Teagan got to come too!  She had a great day in the sunshine and really was interested in most of the animals.  

Hanging out by the Polar Bears!  Who is taller?  

We had a great family day and we are all ready for more summer like days so we can enjoy family day trips like this!  What a great day to take off of work!!  

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