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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jude is Turning 4! Birthday Ideas! #Judeturns4

Turning 4 is a pretty big deal you know?  And how in the world has 4 years passed us already?  It truly does not seem possible that Jude will be 4 in just a couple short days!  We started asking Jude what he wanted for his birthday a couple weeks ago and his first and only request was a Spiderman Umbrella!  Ha!  This kid!  After that he really couldn't think of anything else.  This meant it was time for Jeremy and I to put our thinking caps on and figure out what Jude would enjoy and ACTUALLY play with. Let’s be real people…this kid has a lot of toys {too many!}. 

Here is what we came up with:

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1.  An Ant Farm:  Yes, we might be crazy but this kid LOVES looking/studying the ants in our garden.  I think he will love seeing his little buddies create their farm. 

2.  Ants for the Farm:  Well yeah, you have to buy those.  They will be “chillin” in our refrigerator until ready!  HA!  #boymom

3.  Ant Book:  Through Amazon I got a great deal for the Ants, Ant Farm and book.  He will love learning about the Ants.

4.  Spiderman Umbrella:  He asked for it and I found one.  Who really knows why he wants it?

5.  Rocket:  Jeremy has decided that he wants to have Jude and him build a rocket to launch at the park next to our house.  Jude will get a kick out of this

6.  Spiderman Scooter:  Jude has told us he wanted a scooter and when I searched Spiderman toys this one came up.  Too cute!  I think with the wider platform he will actually be able to do this!

7.  Transformer:  Obsessed.  Found the Fire Truck one – had to get it. 

8.  His Puss in Boots party!  He is too excited for that!  ;) 

What are your go to ideas for a 4 year old birthday gift?

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  1. Happy Birthday Jude. You can never go wrong with Spiderman and insects...LOL. My oldest is 16 years old and he loved Spiderman.

  2. My to go presents are nerf guns and silly string. The ant farm scares me as I hate ants.

  3. lol zero chance on the ant farm at our house - I give you credit! so gross!
    Instead of gifts this year, we went with a big party, and a day with Mommy and Daddy to make memories. Then I sent him an email to his special email address to recap it for him

  4. Ew ant farm! I'm such a girl mom lol!
    I'm sure he will love it- my cousin had a huge one growing up - they kept it in the basement!
    I hope he loves all his gifts - I bet he will be so excited.

  5. wow! You are rocking at gifts! Sometimes I forget to give Eyan a gift lol, but then I make up for it by taking ridiculous trips. Looks like Jude is going to have a fantastic birthday party!

  6. Wow! Great gifts! I love giving Nerf guns - they're always a hit!


  7. Those look like some great gift. I think that any 4 year old would love these things.


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