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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Busy Mom's Secret is 5-hour Energy!

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We all have secrets right?  Well I am ready to share one of my secrets now.  #ThisIsMySecret - ready for this?  I am tired. Sometimes exhausted.  To make sure I am the best mother, wife, employee and blogger I have learned to occasionally use the tasty and helpful 5-hour ENERGY® shots. 

There now you know! Being a full-time outside the home working mom of two very energetic kiddos, wife, and a busy {thankful} blogger I hardly find enough time to get laundry done and maybe get 6 hours of sleep a day! It's life, it is my life and I love it but some days there isn't enough coffee to make me a nice human.

Every morning before work I not only pack my lunch but I also pack my Busy Mom Secret Kit so I am prepared for the day ahead of me.  Back in college I could totally get away with late nights and early mornings but I usually got a couple of naps in during the week to help.  I miss nap time!  This simple but very important bag helps me stay focused and awake.  

Before I started using the 5-hour Energy shots I only heard negative things about energy shots.  Once I did my research on the 5-hour ENERGY® shots I knew they would be my life saver when life takes over and sleep isn't the priority!  

But guess what?  There are also many benefits to using these yummy energy shots.  This tiny little bottle of goodness contains caffeine comparable to a cup of premium coffee and only has 4 calories!  Bonus!  Instead of feeling like you have to chug down your hot coffee you simply enjoy one of these tasty energy shots.  Not to mention there is ZERO sugar and ZERO carbs but the energy shots are full of essential nutrients, Amino Acids, and B-Vitamins!  I do not see any negatives there people!!  

Obviously, the 5-hour ENERGY® shots are a big part of my Busy Mom Secret Kit but I also include other items to help me get through a busy day.  Around 3pm at work I feel this slump.  If I could I would totally crawl under my desk for a little nap BUT my boss might not appreciate that.  So when I hit that slump I find my kit!  

My Busy Mom Secret Kit Essentials:

Hard candies always help me get through my boring meetings, a little treat to make those meetings go a bit faster.  
Lip gloss - there is something about feeling pretty that helps me not feel so tired. 

Gum - Keeping my mouth busy makes me wake up.  A little work out for my mouth!  ha!

Body Spray - Simple aromatherapy for the office goes a long way.  Even my coworkers appreciate this!  

Almonds - Protein!!  Protein!! Protein!!

5-hour ENERGY® shots - my coffee substitute in a tiny little energy shot!

Chocolate - Every woman needs emergency chocolate for a boost!!

One of the best things about these 5-hour ENERGY® shots is the ability to fit them into your lifestyle.  The compact bottle fits perfectly in your pocket, diaper bag, purse or car.  Even once I am through my work life I sometimes find myself tired at home or at the park with the kids.  Like I said earlier, being a Mom is THE best job in the world and I want to be alert, happy and energized to enjoy every moment with my kids.  Using the Busy Mom Secret Kit on the weekends is just as important as getting through the work week.  

So the next time you feel yourself grabbing another cup of coffee consider grabbing one of these 5-hour ENERGY® shots instead.  My favorite flavor is Berry but the Grape and Orange are really good too.  Honestly, any flavor will give you Energy and Power to get through the busy lifestyle you love!  

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You can find all of these items at your local Walgreens to help you build your Busy Mom Secret kit! Being a mom is a hard job - keep alert and energized to enjoy the best job on earth!

Guess what?  You can win a 6 month supply of 5-hour ENERGY® Shots just by entering this super easy giveaway! Add these essentials to your bag!

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Your turn...whats your secret????


  1. Loved this post. Protein is my secret but I would love to get some 5 hour energy!

  2. I have never tried 5 hour energy but I bet its helpful on those sleepy mondy mornings, like today!

  3. I use it when my baby is up all night :)

  4. We actually take them on road trips to help with driving!

  5. Never actually tried it before, but now thinking of giving it a try when I need that extra boost of energy.

  6. Loving your photos all the time...taking notes :) I have never tried these but Jason loves them for work! Great post!

  7. I miss naps too! Your Busy Mom Secret Kit looks awesome! I really need to make myself a kit and stockpile a stash of 5-hour ENERGY® shots! #client

  8. I work full time, have a 2 year old, and just started college, again. 5 Hour Energy is a necessity!!!!! My husband works 12 hour days, 6 days a week. He drinks it too!!!

  9. I've never tried it before, but your recommendation has me thinking it would be a good thing for me as well! :)


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