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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Letter to Our 4 Year Old - Happy Birthday Jude!!

Today we have a 4 Year Old in our house!  
Yes, a 4 Year Old!  

Happy 4th Birthday Jude!

Dear Jude,

4 years ago today we met you, our little boy, for the first time.  We instantly fell in love with you.  Your personality has shown through since you were just hours old – strong willed, sensitive and active!  You came into our world about 2 weeks early but we were so ready!  Such a little guy! 

Before we knew it our Turtle was turning ONE!  We had a big celebration just for you.  That first year of your life was full of fun and adventures for you and Mommy and Daddy!  You broke us in…but you always did it nicely.  It is fun to look back at these pictures and see you as a baby, hard to believe you were ever that small! 


And then we began the journey of the terrible TWOs, but they were actually terrific TWOs for you.  You are so smart, the things you said and did were so advanced – still are.  You do not walk – you run or skip  or hop!  Always on the go and active.  You loved Choo Choos so we had a Train birthday party to celebrate you!  Another year down and we all survived! 

Wow, and then 2 came and went – we welcomed THREE!  You started Preschool and you finally got potty trained!  Hooray!!   AND you got a big boy bed!  What a year 3 was!  Your personality and imagination make us laugh every day.  Three has been hard for us all.  You are learning to play with your sister better but you still struggle sometimes.  You want to do so many things on your own without our help.  We have our struggles but most days you are JUDE…a perfectly happy little guy with a big personality! 

Today you woke up as a FOUR year old!  How is that possible?  Exactly 4 years ago on June 25, 2010 at 10:57am you were introduced as Jude Robert.  We are both proud, happy and excited to call you our son, our Turtle, our Jude. 

We love you Turtle!  Happy Birthday!!!

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