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Friday, June 20, 2014

Sports Family Fanatics

Fanatics is the top online retailer of sports merchandise – whether you’re looking for the jersey of your favorite NBA player or the hat of your favorite MLB team, they’ve got it all.  Goodness knows when you are a family that enjoys attending and watching sports you have to have the gear to support your teams!  

That's right people - we are all Sports Family Fanatics!  When I first met Jeremy I knew instantly that he was a sports fan.  We are both from Colorado but Jeremy is also a Boston Red Sox fan.  Our love for going to baseball games grew as we grew in our marriage.  One of Jeremy's life goals is to take us all to Fenway Park to experience a true Red Sox game.  

For Jeremy's first Father's Day (when I was pregnant with Jude) I saw that the Red Sox were heading to Denver to play the Colorado Rockies.  I knew that I HAD to take Jeremy to that game.  I bought the tickets and surprised him with them just a week before the game.  Now here is the catch. The game was on June 23rd - my due date for Jude was July 7th.  I knew I was taking a chance at buying these pricey tickets but I did it.    

We headed to the game and had a fantastic time.  We enjoyed what would be our last date out without children.  As I was sitting at Coors Field I thought I was having some contractions but I wasn't sure.  We got through the game and got home - I was exhausted!!!  I went to work the next day and started having horrible contractions.  Guess who decided to make his entrance into this world on June 25th!  2 days after the game.  What a nice little boy...he knew that Daddy NEEDED to go to that Red Sox game!  

Our little Red Sox fan (and Rockies) - Jude Robert.  

Our family continues to enjoy sporting events.  This is Jude at his very first Colorado Rockies game!  He had a blast clapping and cheering with us.  

This picture is so special to us.  3 generations of Baseball fans!  Grandpa, Jeremy and Jude!! 

As our family has grown we continue to take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy some special times at the ball park.  This game was the second time we went to a Red Sox vs. Rockies game at Coors Field.  This time Teagan got to come!  We all got dressed up in our Rockies AND Red Sox gear and had a great time as a family!!  Of course we have to visit Dinger too!!  

I really love that our family can enjoy sporting events together.  The memories that we make are so important.  I am proud to say that we have one little boy who loves playing Baseball and Soccer.  I look forward to seeing what sports Teagan enjoys to play and watch too.  

Having special moments like this with grandparents make me so happy.  I hope that we can continue to have more special memories made at the ball park, park or stadium for years to come.  

Our family began sporting event traditions and we are going to continue that!  Ice Cream might be Teagan's favorite part now but in a couple of years she will enjoy the memories too!  
To make sure we are dressed and ready for our fun family memories we always head to the Fanatics website to find our favorite NON local teams.  I was so surprised to find so many items besides clothing!  I know where I will be going for Jeremy's birthday gifts this year!  Phone covers, gloves and even a tie all celebrating Boston Red Sox!  Shhh!  Don't tell! 

How have sports played a part in your family? Do you consider your family a Sports Family Fanatics?

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post.  

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  1. Loved the pictures. We love baseball!!! Go Cards!


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