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Friday, July 18, 2014

Cousins, Mountains, Ice Cream and Dirt

For the past 2 weeks we have been having fun with family, Jeremy's sister and her family are in Colorado for a visit from Amsterdam.  Jude was so excited to get to finally play with his older cousin who he has only met 2 times in his life, this would be the first time he would actually remember it and have some fun!  The whole family came out for a mini family reunion and we had a ton of fun in Glenwood Springs Colorado for a couple of days but then we headed to the family cabin in Leadville Colorado.  

We have had quite the time with 4 kiddos and 6 adults on vacation!  Busy Busy!!

Probably the best time was the time we have been at the cabin.  This cabin is so special to the family and it is great to have so many memories made with the kiddos.  

We took boat rides on the lake.  

We played in the dirt!  So much dirt!  This girl is a mountain girl and loved collecting dirt and rocks.  So much fun to see her having fun in the mountains. 

I love this picture of Teagan.  Dirt on my face and my pretty blonde hair blowing in the wind!

Jude and Elora made some YUMMY homemade ice cream with Grandma on the deck.  

Jude and Elora also found dirt to collect and pine cones to count.  Mountain entertainment is the best!

The girls in pink on the swing.  Too cute! 

Jude liked helping Grandpa and Daddy clean the deck.  

And the best DO IT OURSELVES group photo!  Not bad if you ask me!  Considering we took the photo off of the trunk of the car!  HA!  

Family Vacation 2014!

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