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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finding Confidence and Fun with SwimWays

Disclosure:  I received these items in return for my honest review and opinion.  

What a fun summer it has been and man we have seen a huge change in both of our kids' confidence when it is time to hit the pool!  Early this summer I told you that I would be having the honor of reviewing some great SwimWays products and I was hoping that those products would help the kids get more comfortable in the water, especially Jude.  Well after multiple times in our little pool in the backyard, a trip to a great Colorado Hot Springs and a Summer BBQ Pool Party I am here to say THANK YOU to SwimWays!  

Not only have we been able to give Jude some confidence in the pool but I feel like he has learned how to swim better too.  Obviously at 4 he has a lot to learn still but this summer was certainly a success and it was FUN too.  The last couple of swim lessons we had in the winter were not fun and were not helpful so we are super happy for what Jude has accomplished in the last 2 months!  YAY Jude!  

SwimWays is the brand we love for all things swimming. Check out some of the items we have learned about and use every time we hit the pool!  

Ready for a pool party?  We are!  Toys and safety, a great balance for the pool.  

Items for your next shopping list:

Gobble Gobble Guppies Toy - HUGE hit, in fact, when we were at a pool party we had to finally take the toy out of the pool because some other kids were taking it from Jude and Teagan.  It was a  lot of fun for both Jude and Teagan!  

Squidivers Dive Toys - these cute and bright squid toys became a favorite when we were at the Hot Springs with our family.  Jude and my niece who is 6 had a great time throwing these guys through the air and either diving for them (yes Jude was getting his head wet!) or making the adults find them!  Silly games but so much fun and we saw Jude's confidence grow HUGE with those squids!!!  

SwimWays Swim Step 2: Swim Vest -  THIS is a huge help with Teagan.  She is our daredevil.  She is not afraid of the water and wants to be BIG.  That's great but can be scary.  Using this swim vest not only helps Teagan learn to swim but it keeps her safe!  This is a great help with getting her to learn how to use her arms and legs when she is swimming with us too.  

Power Swimr - What gave Jude confidence?  Swimr.  He is a bit too large for this item but it has really helped us show him he can float and he won't sink to the bottom of the pool (his fear).  

Spring Float - (not pictured)  Welcome to relaxing!  Yes!  Okay, at the Hot Springs it was hard to relax when we were chasing and swimming with 4 kiddos but we would take turns on the lovely SwimWays Spring Float.  The relaxing was great but the best part about this item was the ease of transporting it from our house to the Hot Springs in our car!  Super portable!  

My little lady ready to hit the pool!  Loving her vest of course. She is not happy when we take it off because that means she is done swimming.  Ha!

Not the best fit for this big boy but with the help of the Swimr I feel like Jude's swimming confidence is super high!  

Playing with our Gobble Gobble Guppies Toy!  Fun at the pool!

Check that Jude out!  He is in the pool having fun with out us having to hold him!!  Confidence, fun, experience and safety!!  YES!

In case you were wondering if swimming is a great way to make kiddos tired, I thought that photo pretty much sums it up!  Hooray for summer and swimming!

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  1. We totally use the swimways Swimr and it is awesome! Love that you can take out the little float parts to help them gain confidence and learn to hold their own weight


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