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Friday, July 4, 2014

Jude's 4 Year Old Pictures and Stats

4 Year Old Pictures and Stats for Jude!

4 years old!  How is that possible?  This silly boy makes our world fun!

When we went to get his 4 year old photos taken the photographer asked him to relax and just be Jude - the face he gave was SO Jude!  This boy is full of energy and does not stop!  

I think he is proud and confident to be Jude.  I love it!  Oh and that CHEESE face will never get old.  

4 Year Old Stats:
Weight -  47 pounds  98%
Height -   44 inches  99%

Healthy BIG boy!  While his percentiles are high, the doctor is not worried, Jude is simply a big boy, always has been always will be.  We even attempted to check his eye sight, that was so funny, I really should have gotten it on video!  ha!  No shots (YAY!) and was told by the nurse and the doctor that he is very advanced in his speaking.  Meaning - he didn't stop talking the whole appointment, I don't know why I went, he asked all the questions for me!  

Things I do not want to forget:

You are officially potty trained.
You are in a big boy bed!
You finished your first year of Preschool and loved it.
You are the sweetest little boy when you want to be but independent too!
You are so smart.  Your brain hardly slows down.  The questions and comments that come out of your mouth every day surprise us all. 
You wear a size 11 shoe. 
You wear a size 5 boys pant and a size 6/7 boys shirt!!
You love your Pooh Bear and Blankie still. 
You love to read, play outside and explore nature. 
You adore your sister.  It is so cute.  
You still love fruit - any fruit!  
You want to be a Fireman when you grow up.  
Your cuddles are perfect. 
You are growing up so fast and becoming a nice boy.  

And now some comparisons!  

For Jude's 2nd and 4th Birthday we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Here are some pictures to show how much he has changed and grown in two years!  

Such a tall guy!!  

Riding on the ants with Daddy!  Such a special memory both years.  My boys!  

Happy 4 years Jude!!!  

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