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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Save Money - Make Money! Buy & Sell Gently Worn Children’s Clothing by the Lot with Loteda

Disclosure:  This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Loteda for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I might have a clothes buying problem, not for me but for my kids.  I think there are a lot of us out there – the parents who want to dress our kiddos to the finest every day but then just months after finding the cutest clothes we find ourselves packing up those adorable outfits because the kids grew and putting them in the “to donate” pile.  Oh what a waste!  A waste of money, space and time!  The idea of having these perfectly wearable clothes for Jude and Teagan and having to donate them makes me crazy!  There is a new program that is called Loteda  that will totally take the crazy out of this circle of clothes life. 

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I really like the idea of consignment sales but then I think about how overwhelming looking through consignment racks, bins and shelves can be.  Yikes!  Not my thing!  Loteda has read my mind, a mind of a busy working mom who simply doesn’t have the time to catalog clothing or look through racks of clothing!  Loteda is an ONLINE seller of children’s clothing, sizes newborn to 5t but instead of selling single items they sell the gently used clothing by the LOT.  Lots are simply organized by gender, season, and size – seriously how simple!  The buyer can buy a LOT of winter clothing for their 2t girl without spending hours looking through clothing.  Loteda FTW! 

Okay, so for the buyers of the clothing it got easy right?  Well I have also thought about selling our Gently-used at consignment sales but that too takes a TON of time and energy.  Loteda helps the sellers too.  All you have to do organize your clothing into LOTS by Gender, Season and Size.  Then simply take photos of your gently used clothing and upload those photos to Loteda.  They do the hard work.  Loteda calculates the selling price by using the original retail value and the condition of the items.  Now comes the part that makes you some money!  How to sell, Loteda sends you a prepaid shipping bag and you bag up the items and mail them to the buyer.  Once the buyer has received their package Loteda PAYS you!  BOOM!  Loteda pays you 90% of the selling price.  Easy money and those clothes are out of your kiddos closets!  For those of you who do not want to wait for your items to sell to get them out of your house you can also send 25 items or more directly  to Loteda and then they categorize it and do the hard work.  Even with that help you earn 60% of the selling price.  Not bad!

I learned a fact about most American families today and frankly I think I probably blow this number out of the water (I told you, I have a problem!).  American families spend on average $804 per year per child on clothing alone!  Oh goodness!  The idea of that money being “gone” after just a couple uses of the clothing makes me sad!  Loteda keeps your LOTS at almost 70% the original retail value – this means you can make some of that money back and get some FANTASTIC deals from other parents! 

Who likes coupons?  I DO!!  Use the code Summer20 at checkout to take advantage a special 20% off your Loteda order!  Expires 8/31/14 so get to shopping now! 

Does Loteda sound like something you would use in your home?

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