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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#DIY Taco Bar Party - Table Tents Free Printables

#DIY Taco Bar Party - Table Tents Free Printables. Taco Bar.  Party Table Tents.  Puss in Boots Birthday Party ideas.

For Jude's Puss in Boots birthday party we decided to do something a little different for food instead of the normal pizza or BBQ that we usually do.   We created a yummy Taco Bar for everyone to enjoy!  When I first started thinking about this task, I felt really overwhelmed but now that we achieved a great Taco Bar I know we will be doing it again for parties.  

#DIY Taco Bar Party - Table Tents Free Printables. Taco Bar.  Party Table Tents.

Here is our final product!  Also notice our great decorations for our Puss in Boots birthday!  So fun!  To build our Taco Bar we decided to set it up just like a buffet table.  This made the prep so easy.  Most of the prep was able to be done the night before the party.  

To cut down on the prep I did our chicken in the crock pot the night before, super easy.  Add salsa to the chicken breast and cook for 6 hours on high, shred and keep refrigerated until the party day!  We kept the Beans, Beef and Chicken on warm during lunch in crock pots!  Great way to keep everything hot and ready! 

#DIY Taco Bar Party - Table Tents Free Printables. Taco Bar.  Party Table Tents.

For our Taco Bar we had the following food:

Taco Shells
Sour Cream

#DIY Taco Bar Party - Table Tents Free Printables. Taco Bar.  Party Table Tents.

We got so many complements on our Taco Bar and everyone was thanking us for a yummy meal.  I loved that it all came together perfectly.  We had grapes and watermelon for our fruit too, again, super easy prep!  Perfect for busy party days!

#DIY Taco Bar Party - Table Tents Free Printables. Taco Bar.  Party Table Tents.

As I was planning our Taco Bar I started thinking about how to bring the fiesta to the table and have fun labels of everything we were serving.  I asked my good friend Heather from Terrell Family Fun to help me create some festive Taco Bar Table Tents.  Don't you love them?  Thanks to Heather, our table was perfectly labeled.  You can use these great labels for your next Taco Bar too!  A total of 14 Table Tents for your Taco Bar.  

Free Taco Bar Table Tent Printables - make your next Taco Bar festive and easy!  

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All great parties that we have enjoyed and look forward to getting creative with more ideas!

#DIY Taco Bar Party - Table Tents Free Printables. Taco Bar. Party Table Tents.

What is your favorite way to dress up your party meal?

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  1. Super cute, love the free printables, and it looks yummy! Great job!

  2. I LOVE taco bars! Cute printables to go with them too. Pinning it!

  3. That's it you are decorating all my parties and planning them from here on out!

  4. What a nice presentation for your table and decorations at your taco party...I want to COPY COPY COPY!

  5. Totally coming over for dinner! We have taco's almost weekly and have a huge spread over the eating bar. I should have decorated last weekend when we had friends over..it would have been a huge hit!!

  6. This is a great idea. We love tacos in my household. Planning is for sure the way to go.

  7. I love your ideas for making a taco bar. We love tacos and make taco bars regularly. I also love the way you decorated your table. I am definitely doing a taco bar at our next party!

  8. You just gave me memories back to my friend's mom doing this for us teenagers. Need to do this for my kids and their friends. - Stephanie for Winona Southern Family Fun

  9. Tacos are super easy and we enjoy them a lot at our house. I see myself hosting a taco party without any frustrations like I have over a turkey dinner. I can't wait to invite friends over ... just to eat tacos! Yum!

  10. I LOVE this idea for parties! Such an affordable way to feed everyone- and who doesn't LOVE tacos? Tacos are great. Thanks for this post and the details of how to pull it off. Yummy!

  11. This is such a great alternative for parties! We've done a taco bar for youth group in the past and they totally loved it. And, I know my boys would do this on a regular basis if I would.

  12. I love doing taco/nacho bars for parties! As a mom of three and then usually around ten addition kids per party, food is one thing that should be easy to prep as well as clean up. Then you can use the last tiny bit of your energy after the party to get your house and yard back in order. haha. Plus, who doesn't like tacos or nachos? I think it's a fool proof party meal!


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