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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breaking Bad Obsessed!

Well it is true.  Jeremy and I became Breaking Bad obsessed and now we are mourning the end of the series.  Recently, we have gotten into watching series instead of watching weekly shows on TV - thank you Netflix!  First we were hooked on Dexter and that ended and we were sad and bored.  Then we were told about Six Feet Under and we dove in and seriously cried at the end of the series.  After that we wondered what would fill our evenings after the kiddos went to bed...and that is when we met Walter White.

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You guys!  This show is amazing.  We were hooked.  We didn't binge watch like some but we got through the seasons quickly and loved every minute of it.  

I highly recommend making this your next obsession.  I have to be honest, I laughed at people when they talked about going on a Breaking Bad tour in New Mexico but now I want to go!  I found myself connecting with Walter White.  Sure he was breaking the law like WHOA but he initially started doing it for the sake of his family.  Family means everything right?  After 5 seasons both Jeremy and I totally felt connected to the White family.  

So now we are bored again but have started another series that everyone seems to love.  Orange Is the New Black is now the show of choice for our adult time before bed.  So far it is a great one too.  

What is your favorite series to watch?  

List them because after Orange is the New Black we will need another NEW obsession!  

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  1. My all-time favorite is The Walking Dead. I'm having some serious withdrawals since they've been on hiatus for SO long. I can't wait until October gets here!

  2. I live here in New Mexico where it was filmed but have not seen the show. One of the hotels that it was filmed at has a sign asking people to pay $50 for a picture in front of the hotel.

  3. Breaking Bad is one of my top five series of all time. My husband and I grieved after it was done! It was seriously the best show ever!

  4. I loved Dexter and Six Feet Under, both are great shows! I love True Blood which is sadly ending soon, Nurse Jackie, Boardwalk Empire, Spartacus, and I used to like Weeds which also ended. I never watched one episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad for some weird reason just never felt attracted to either show.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly


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