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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Medifast - One Month Down!

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One month!  That's right friends, I have been on Medifast for a whole month.  Honestly, it has gone super fast.  Sure I have had my slip ups and bad days but I am proud of what I have done in a month.  Especially in a month that was full of parties, vacations, dinner plans and busy evenings.  I planned out my days and stuck to my plans.  

Week 4 Results:

I lost a total of 

Staying On Plan:

After last week I knew I had to stay focused.  Our evening out at the Melting Pot for our anniversary made my week 3 results less than I wanted and also made my week 4 a lot harder.  But I did it.  I lost a total of 2 pounds.  Just like the rest of the weeks I found that the time I was at work was a lot easier to stay on plan, however last weekend I had a lot of temptations and I resisted!  Boom!!  

With my 2 pound loss that puts me at a total of 14 pounds down in a month!  Fantastic!!  I can feel it too!  


Like I said, I had a number of temptations over the weekend but I did great.  

Saturday morning the kids wanted muffins so we made homemade blueberry muffins!  Oh yum!  Instead of diving in and treated myself to a chocolate chip pancake mug muffin topped with one wedge of Laughing Cow Cinnamon cheese.  Yum!  It was a perfect Saturday morning breakfast and I stayed on plan. 

Jude also had a Back To School Ice Cream Social that we attended as a family on Sunday and I stayed away from that dessert knowing I would get a special evening meal after the kids went to bed.  The Medifast Soft Baked Brownie has to be my favorite meal of the day.  I feel like I am cheating when I am eating it.  After resisting the ice cream I decided to top my brownie with a little Cool Whip for an extra treat.  Yum!

While the scale only showed a 2 pound loss I think that those meal choices count as a NSV for me.  


This week seems pretty normal for us.  I have our meal plan figured out and I have special Lean and Green options just for me if needed.  I have been getting headaches in the evening lately and because of that I am really focusing on my water intake.  More hydration seems to help a lot.  Not to mention it keeps me focused and feeling great.  

Weight Loss:

Month 1 (-9, -2, -1, -2)

Total Weight Lost = 14 pounds


Goal 1 - To make Medifast a new habit (21 days!)  Started the program on  7/20/2014 - stay on plan until 8/10/2014!!  COMPLETED!!

Goal 2 - 20 pounds gone

Goal 3 - 30 pounds gone

Goal 4 - 50 pounds gone

Goal 5 -60 pounds gone

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How do you make sure you get enough water in the day?
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  1. That is awesome results! It is so hard when everyone just eats what they want. Keep up the great work

  2. 2 is better than none! Keep it going and you'll meet your goals!

  3. I'm proud of you! Great determination to stick with it, I love that your first goal wasn't about the scale (or the tap measure) but it was about the healthy habit!

  4. You are doing amazing!! Keep up the great work!


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