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Monday, August 4, 2014

Medifast Week 2 - Results and Thoughts

Disclosure: I receive free product in order to evaluate and comment on my experiences on the Medifast Program. Medifast products and the Medifast Program are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Any medical improvements noted while on the program are related to weight loss in general, and not to Medifast products or programs.

Two weeks completed!  While I am getting into the grove of the program I am feeling better and more confident with my eating choices through out the day.  I know what Medifast meals keep me satisfied the longest and which ones are best for at home and at work.  Like I said last week I was feeling less bloated and full through out the day too which is a big positive for me when I think about cravings.  No more bloating!  YES!  So are you all ready to see the results for Week 2?

Week TWO Results:

I lost a total of 


Staying On Plan:

While I am not super happy with my 2 pound loss, I know it could have been a lot less if I hadn't stayed focused and on plan this week.  I feel like the weekends are going to be the hardest challenge for me while on Medifast.  This weekend we went to our family cabin and had a great family weekend away.  We went to a city festival and parade on Saturday which was a ton of fun but as you all know, those festivals are full of yummy deep fried goodness.  

I am proud to say that instead of taking part in those OVERPRICED deep fried products we hung out watched the parade, played some games and rode a train ride and then headed back to the cabin for lunch.  This not only saved us a ton of money but it helped me stay on plan and feed my family a better lunch at the cabin.  For dinner instead of the usual grilled hot dogs, chips, potato salad and dips we went healthy for everyone and grill some chicken and enjoyed a fresh salad for our side!  

Like I said before, I am going to be honest with you, a big part of our camping trips have been S'mores - I LOVE S'mores!  I knew this would be hard and I was not going to make my kids (and husband) miss out on the fun of roasting marshmallows and making S'mores because of me being on a strict food plan.  SO...we bought the S'more ingredients and made some delicious treats after dinner on Saturday.  AND I ate one.  I enjoyed it and I didn't beat myself up over it.  This weekend was a big learning experience for me and I am thinking back to all of the treats, snacks and bad choices that I could have made while gone for the weekend but Damn I did GOOD!  Yes, I went off plan and ate ONE S'more...but instead of making 10 more bad food choices after that treat I drank my water for the evening and started a CLEAN day on Sunday morning. BAM!  I can do this...I will do this!  


I am finding some new favorites of the Medifast foods.  I am also becoming better knowledgeable of what meals help me get through the work day successful and full!  

These are becoming a work day favorite.  These Mixed Berry Cereal Crunches are so yummy but also help me keep my snacking away at work.  There are a lot of little crunchers in each serving which means I can snack on this meal for about a hour while doing work!  Perfect!!

I do not know why I was so "scared" to try the Triple Berry Smoothie but now I am pretty much wanting to make one every morning.  I simply add ice and water and the packet into my small individual size Ninja blender and blend!  I can take the smoothie to work for a great start to the day!  I cannot wait to try some other flavors of smoothies too!  

My Lean and Green Meals have been healthier no carb versions of what my family is eating every evening. If we grill Pork Chops I side mine with a yummy green salad instead of mashed potatoes.  If we have breakfast for dinner, we all eat Egg Beaters and Turkey Bacon but I add chopped peppers and onions and my kids get some toast or waffles.  It can be done!  


The weekend...again.  Saturday is our 11th Wedding Anniversary and we have had these day date plans for months (well before I started this plan) so we are moving forward.  We get the whole day to just hang out, see a movie and go to dinner with just the two of us!  So happy!  11 years!  GESH!  So we will be going to our favorite anniversary restaurant....The Melting Pot - obviously not on plan.   My goal you ask - NOT over doing it.  I do not want to leave the table feeling gross and bloated.  Instead I will enjoy the meal with small bites and lots of conversations!  :)

Weight Loss:

Month 1 (-9, -2

Total Weight Lost = 11 pounds


Goal 1 - To make Medifast a new habit (21 days!)  Started the program on  7/20/2014 - stay on plan until 8/10/2014!!

Goal 2 - 20 pounds gone

Goal 3 - 30 pounds gone

Goal 4 - 50 pounds gone

Goal 5 -60 pounds gone

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How was your week?  Did you Stay ON PLAN?  Are you writing about your Medifast journey? If so link up!! Let's motivate each other!!  

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  1. Good job! It's so hard to stay on any type of diet plan while traveling and even on the weekends but it sounds like you did the best you could and it's just the beginning so 2 pounds -- GOOD JOB!

    Happy early anniversary too - you are going to my favorite restaurant too!! yum yum, enjoy yourself.

  2. Girl, you have lost 11 pounds. Don't get lost in numbers too much. You're doing great! Some weeks may be good and some won't. But you've made a healthy choice to change your life. You will reach your goals!

  3. good luck!! ive heard the melting pot can be really dangerous! just remember your WHY for doing this!


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