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Friday, August 15, 2014

Cold, Cough and Flu Season is Coming - Prepare With Robitussin

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Are you prepared for CCFS?  Oh come on…what do you mean you do not know what that means?  While it is *only* August that CCFS is quickly approaching.  Curious?  Cold, Cough and FluSeason is what that stands for.  Like I said, it is only August but I am already preparing for that lovely time of the year that it seems like everywhere you go you seem to find those yucky germs that can take you down for days or even weeks. 

Hey, I don’t know about you but having a full time job, being a full time mommy and running this blog space of mine I certainly do not have time to be sick.  End of story!  Oh and let me tell ya, working in a school means CCFS starts the moment those smiling happy petri dishes of germs enter the school building for the beginning of the school year. 

cold, cough and flu season, CCFS, Robitussin. Sick Kit.  Cold and flu sick kit.

How do you prepare?  How do you prevent? And most importantly how to do you treat?  I mean, if you are like me you try everything to prevent that cold, cough or flu from hitting you but it seem inevitable.  CCFS is after us all.   

This year I decided to make a “Moms Do Not Have Time For Sick” Kit that will not only help me prepare and prevent those Cold, Cough and Flu germs but also help me feel better and get back to my most important job – being Jude and Teagan’s Mom. 

Like I said, I seriously do not have time to battle those Colds, Coughs or Flu – there is something about being a Mom that means the time is not there.  If you catch a cold you have to get through it with your Mom hat on and suck it up.  This can be miserable but with these simple items you can be prepared for any Cold, Cough or Flu bug that comes at you.  

cold, cough and flu season, CCFS, Robitussin. Sick Kit.  Cold and flu sick kit.

When I find myself fighting off any Cold, Cough or Flu I find myself reaching for our Robitussin products in our medicine cabinet.  I am not a big medication taker just because it usually makes me super tired and spacey but when I am hit hard with a bug I know that in order to make sure I can make it to work, take care of the kids and stay on top of my writing I have to treat my symptoms.  The Robitussin Cough + Chest Congestion DM syrup is something that I can take and not end up under my desk at work asleep by noon.  And guess what…it works!  I feel human and feel ready to take on the world of MOM!

cold, cough and flu season, CCFS, Robitussin. Sick Kit.  Cold and flu sick kit.

Now the question is – how do you build your own kit?

First you will need to find a nice box or container that will fit in your desk drawer or medication cabinet/closet.  I found a great Rubbermaid one that has a great lid to keep everything in order and in one place so it doesn't make a mess in my desk drawer. 

Preventative Products/Items:
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Emergen-C
  • Vitamins

CCFS Relief Products/Items:
  • Hot Tea
  • Robitussin Cough Gels
  • Cough Drops
  • Tissue
  • Robitussin Cough Syrup

Simply gather all these products and place them in your container and you are good to go!  Bring it on CCFS!

cold, cough and flu season, CCFS, Robitussin. Sick Kit.  Cold and flu sick kit.

For my kit I wanted to make sure I included both preventative items and relief items from CCFS symptoms.  When I thought about how I am going to do my best this Cold, Cough and Flu Season to avoid those bugs I knew that I would need to up my intake of Vitamin C.  There are plenty of easy ways to do that and some of them actually taste pretty good.  I will be adding those options to my daily intake now that school has started.  

Hopefully, this year I won't need any relief from colds, coughs or the flu but just in case I packed my kit with Robitussin relief products, tea to soothe a sore throat and tissue.  But not just any tissue - I found some fun printed tissue that will at least make me smile when I'm feeling lousy.  

As I was creating my kit I was thinking how great this would be for a different yet useful first day of school gift for teachers.  I know the pain of feeling those germs come through the door every school year.  I think a lot of teachers would be thankful for some of these preventative products but also for those products that will help them get through a day of work even when they are sick.

You can start your own "Moms Do Not Have Time For Sick" Kit by stopping at your local Walmart and picking up some very helpful Robitussin products.  Make sure that you check out the “Savings Catcher” program before heading to Walmart.  After you build your kit you might get some money back if the Savings Catcher finds you any savings!  Love that!

cold, cough and flu season, CCFS, Robitussin. Sick Kit.  Cold and flu sick kit.

Are you prepared for CCFS?  

What would you add to your own "Moms Do Not Have Time For Sick" Kit?  

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  1. I need to make one of these kits - I swear every time someone gets sick we end up having to run to the store, exactly at the time that you do NOT want to go to the store!

  2. I am not looking forward to winter, but having a kit ready is a great idea!


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