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Monday, September 8, 2014

Enfagrow Helps Teagan Stay On Track

Disclosure:  Goodness knows I love Teagan but man she is a picky eater! That’s why I was thrilled at the opportunity to try out the Enfagrow line as a part of this sponsored post program.

Teagan is already 21 months old, closer to 2 than 1.  Wow, that goes fast.  I honestly never saw myself as a "GirlMom" because I cannot handle the glitter, princesses and pink but here I am, a mom of a girl.  I however, do not have a girly girl, in fact she is a perfect mixture of a girly girl and a tomboy!  Teagan will be the girl who loves to play in the dirt but have her nails done.  She is me and that is great.  She is my girl.  Well she didn't just inherit that great quality of being able to be happy in the dirt and the spa but she also inherited my strong will and stubbornness.   Oh goodness. 

This strong will especially shows when we sit down at the kitchen table for a meal.  One day she will LOVE blueberries, the next day she will literally make finger paintings on her placemat with them and refused to eat them.  We try all the tricks and tips that can be found in every parenting book and still that girl will refuse to eat!  This characteristic is so much different than Jude.  We never had any picky eater problems with him and still do not, thankfully!   I tell ya, it is a huge struggle for all of us involved and while we get frustrated we are most worried about making sure this wild lady gets the balanced nutrition that is needed during this very important time of development in her life. 

Thankfully, the smart people that make Enfagrow understand this issue and thankfully we are not the only parents doing dances at dinner time to try to get some carrots down our kids' throat!  I know I know - people keep telling me "she will eat when she is hungry, don't worry".  Seriously, folks there are days that all she does is eat some fruit loops because that is ALL we can "force" her to eat.  While I am not a health nut per say I do worry about her developing brain and body!

This picture makes me laugh, she loved getting the corn ready to grill the other evening with Grandma but she absolutely refused to even try it that night!  Silly girl.  Now, let me be honest with you all, I know that physically, emotionally and developmentally Teagan is probably ahead of the milestones she should be at by 21 months but do you know the importance of certain vitamins, nutrients and DHA and iron in the ages of 1-3? 

Guess what Enfagrow does for picky eaters like Teagan?  Enfagrow makes it easy to help ensure our wild lady is getting DHA in her diet every day!!   This is especially great for my anxiety and over analysis of my daughter's development!  ha! 
Here are some facts for you to ponder while I try to get Teagan to eat a Raspberry. 
An average Toddler is only getting about 25% of the brain nourishing DHA that many doctors, experts and nutritionists believe is important for development!  This one hits home for me and is why we as a family have decided to use the Enfagrow Toddler Next Step 3 for Teagan at least one time a day. 

DHA is one of the important nutrients that is very hard to get from the foods that toddlers typically eat, or in Teagan's case, she does NOT eat!  DHA is an important fatty acid that are key players in the brain and eye development in toddlers.  Did you know that a toddler's brain grows to 85% of its complete size in the first three years of life??  WOW!  No wonder why we see so many developmental changes in the first 3 years of life.  Pretty amazing. 
Enfagrow not only has DHA, it also has important nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and iron for healthy growth but also some prebiotics that help support digestive health!   Now we do not just rely on Enfagrow for nutrition, we do still try every trick, tip and dance to get Teagan to eat some foods at every meal but it makes us feel amazing when we make her some Enfagrow knowing that we are helping her get the nutrition she desperately needs at this age. 

The best part about Enfagrow is that the makers understand that us busy and crazy parents (especially when our kid won't anything green) need something easy and convenient.  Enfagrow is sold in powder or convenient ready to drink boxes.  Super easy.  Currently, we are using Enfagrow Toddler Next Step 3.  There is a step for younger toddlers as well called Toddler Transitions 2.  This mixture is perfect for ages 9-18 months. 

This wild lady might test her boundaries and give us a rough time at the dinner table but her health and development is very important to us.  Until she gets over her picky eating habits we will continue to give her DHA and other nutrients found in Enfagrow to make sure she is staying on track. 

Bring it on Teagan!  We are ready for your challenges, even if you are 21 months going on 16 years old! 

So tell me -
What is your picky eater dance, tip or trick?  Have you incorporated a Toddler Drink like Enfagrow in your Toddlers' diet?

Enfagrow wants me to share the Enfagrow Love with you. 

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Good luck! 


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  1. Teagan is a beautiful girl! And those eating issues are familiar at 4 too! I wish I had known about this when Paige was Teagan's age.

  2. My two year old just started the picky phase - she used to be my good eater but not lately , especially veggies ! I do worry about her getting all the nutrients & would be interested in trying these :-)

  3. Lennox went through this and drank something similar too! She seemed to enjoy it!

  4. Our granddaughter is a new toddler. I'd like for her to try Enfagrow Toddler products so we know she has the DHA and nutrients she needs for proper growth and development.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  5. My mommy friend would like to try this product for her lil' toddler son because it looks great!

  6. i would love to have my daughter try Enfagrow because it will give her all the nutrition she needs being 1 years old! Love that it has DHA!!

    Allyson Tice

  7. I would love to have my son try Enfagrow line because they have vitamins, minerals, and brain-nourishing DHA, to help fill in the gaps in my toddler’s nutrition.
    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N

  8. Benjamin is a picky eater too... I mix carnation instant breakfast in with his milk almost every morning and when we are on vacation we buy the enfagrow next step ready to drink milk to take along with us, since we typically don't have whole milk with us on trips.

  9. my niece is a picky eater and this will give her the nutrition she needs

  10. My toddler barely touches food these days. I know enfagrow would help her get the nutrition she needs to grow and be healthy.


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