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Monday, September 22, 2014

Teaching Abundance and Gratitude to Our Children

Wednesday’s are Jude’s library days and I am always excited to see what book caught his eye for the week.  Last Wednesday when he showed me the book he decided to check out, I laughed at first but when we started reading it I immediately thought how SPOT on this book really was.  Honestly, the cover made me think he had picked a book that was way over his head but guess what?  He got it!  And I love that he GETS it. 

The book he brought home was this:

Teaching Abundance and Gratitude to Our Children.   It's Not What You've Got! Lessons for Kids on Money and Abundance by Wayne W. Dyer.

It looks a bit old school but the message is there.

Basic overview of the book:
Inspiring and motivating book in rhyming verses, teaching children that money isn't everything and the best things in life are free and there's Abundance in life to be, do or have anything you want.  Creative self-help book.  It's great to simplify such big concepts for children in this way .

Every day I see and hear about young kids that truly get everything they Need and Want.  The result is not pretty.  I do not want my children growing up with the expectations that they too get all of those “things” just because they want them. 

The direct message of this book is perfect – in fact I needed to read this phrase even more than Jude I think. 

Money does not define who you are; it doesn't matter what others have, and abundance comes in many forms.

So many times I sit back and see our house full of things, toys, food, fun, ect. but then when Jude hears what a family member or friend is getting I wonder, “are we doing enough?”

In all honesty, I know we are doing enough, both of our children are provided with so much, they are blessed – as are we.  So here I sat with my 4 year old, reading this book learning  and teaching him about abundance and the question came from his mouth that I will never forget.

“Will my tooth fairy give me toys and lots money and candy too?” 

My dearest Jude – no – your tooth fairy will drop off a dollar and a hug.  Why has our world come to this?  We have fairies for everything and not just for little trinkets or change for the piggy bank but cash money and large toys! 

Is this competition for the kids or for the parents?

Where do we draw a line?

How do we deal with these shows of abundance when our kids?

And now the biggest question of all has taken place at our dinner table – “Will we go to Disneyland soon?”  Oh man…maybe one day but for now little Jude we are trying to go see Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving and that is going to be a flight that empties our vacation fund.  Oy! 

I highly recommend this book for the preschool age and beyond.  Read it with an open mind and learn with your child.  You will be reminded about your blessings that do not cost money or come in a THING form.  

In a world full of Abundance how do you keep your children grounded and focused on the real abundance in life? 

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  1. Paige needs this. Heck, I need this!

  2. This is an important lesson for kids AND adults!

  3. I need this for my tween daughter. I need to educate her about money.

  4. I don't have children but as a former Special Education Teacher it sounds like this book should be in every child's reading library at home that's for sure! :-)

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  5. This is the most important lesson you can ever teach a child; as a former teacher I can tell you that what you teach them from a young age stays with them forever. The exposure to so many things (cellphones, video games, etc.) at a young age needs a counterbalance to put things in perspective. Great post.


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