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Friday, September 26, 2014

Thomas The Train

Last weekend we had a family day to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden Colorado to spend a Day Out With Thomas!  This was the third year that we have gone to see Thomas the Train but this was Teagan's first year.  

The weather was perfect!  Not rainy like last year.  Once again, the Colorado Railroad Museum showed us a fantastic day!  The activities and train ride is so well run that even though it seems like an expensive day out it is SO worth it!  

These two!!  Can you tell that they are related?  CHEESE FACE for Thomas!  

Jude has always been a fan of trains and Thomas but Teagan hasn't ever really showed a huge interest in him but when she saw Thomas all over the train yard she was so excited!!!  She kept saying "OMas" over and over again!  So cute.  And Jude was just as smitten with Thomas for the 3rd year.  

I absolutely love visiting the Colorado Railroad Museum.  It is a small but fun outdoor museum with a tons of trains that the kiddos can play on and climb into.  Its a great museum for active kiddos.  Plus these trains are so cool to look at, some of them are so big!

Thomas tattoos for everyone!!  

Teagan was all over the place, needless to say we were exhausted by the time we left the museum!  We decided to not bring the stroller so she was running and climbing on everything.  She was loving the freedom and the dirt!!  HA!

That smile!  She has us wrapped around her little finger and man she knows it!  

Out for a ride with Thomas.  Teagan loved when we turned a corner because then she could wave to "Omas"!  Hi OMAS!  So cute!

My heart!  These two know how to challenge me and my mommy skills but moments like these that are captured in photos help me stay positive and thankful for the moments I have with them - even the rough ones!  

If you are looking for a hands on place this is it!  

SO big!!  The Rio Grande Yellow train is something spectacular!  I love taking pictures of the kiddos in front of it.  I hope that we can do this every fall and see them grow.  

I was trying to be artsy with this shot but Jude and Teagan had other plans - RUNNING!! 

Seriously, the photo opportunities at this museum are fantastic.  This is a giant snow plow for a train. Even Jeremy and I felt tiny when we looked at this train.  I cannot imagine seeing this coming down the tracks.  

Teagan was terrified of Sir Topham Hatt.  I cannot blame her, he is a bit funny looking.  So since she wouldn't stand by herself we decided to make it a family picture with him.  

Sorry for the picture overload!  It was a great day and we got some great photos of the experience! 

Have you visited Thomas with your family?

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  1. We did this a couple years ago with the boys. It was super hot that day and we couldn't stay long. Hopefully we'll get to do it again soon!


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