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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Creative Halloween Snacks and Crafts

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Our house is all things Halloween right now - including all kinds of fun Halloween snacks and crafts. We have had a lot of small get-togethers recently that have had a Halloween theme, which means I have found myself with a lot of left overs so I decided to do something fun with the Fanta Orange and Grape soda that I had left over and also got a little "green" in the DIY department for Jude!  Oh so much fun.  

I have a secret love for Orange soda.  Yum!  It brings back childhood memories of birthday parties.  Seems like that was the drink of choice growing up and Fanta Orange is by far the best orange!  Yum!  I wanted to dress up my orange favorite by making a "Pop To The Party Orange Mocktail".  

Pop To The Party Orange Mocktail Recipe

Fanta Orange Soda
Orange and Green Popping Candy
Light Corn Syrup
Fun straw of course


1.  Pour some Light Corn Syrup into a dish that your glass will fit into.  Turn the glass upside down and coat the rim of the glass with corn syrup.

2.  Pour all of the popping candy into a dish.  Mixing the colors well.  Dip the coated rim of the glass into the popping candy.  Coat well!  

3.  Using a pitcher or spouted measuring cup, carefully pour the Fanta Orange into the glass.  

4.  Enjoy the POP and the extra fun in the glass!  

Now I know everyone isn't in love with Fanta Orange like me.  My husband being one of those people.  BUT hand him a pretty purple glass of Fanta Grape and he is happy!  I decided to get a little daring with this drink.  Also, a lot of people forget how much the color purple can complement all of the Orange and Black Halloween decor!  Add some purple for a boost of color and fun when decorating and planning your upcoming Halloween snacks and parties.  

Grape Mummy Berry Cotton Candy Fizzy Drink Recipe


Fanta Grape Soda
Orange and Purple Cotton Candy
Gummy Mummy
Fun Paper Straw


1.  Pour the Fanta into the glass. 

2.  For garnish add a hunk of cotton candy and the gummy mummy.  So fun and festive!!  

3.  Enjoy!  TIP:  Let the cotton candy "disappear" into the soda - this will add a berry flavor to the drink.  Yum!!  

I absolutely love this holiday!  So many great opportunities for some creative Halloween Snacks.  Now it is time to get creative in the crafting room.  Recently, Jude has been really into playing the game "I Spy".  We play it almost every morning while I drive him to school.  This has helped him learn what certain words begin with.  Perfect teachable moments and fun!  

I have seen so many DIY tutorials on Discovery Bottles and I really wanted to try to make my own.  I had a ton of Dasani 12 ounce bottles left over from Teagan's birthday party and I instantly decided I would make a couple Halloween Discovery Bottles for Jude!!  

I love it!  It was super easy and it was a hit when I showed Jude!  Here is what you will need to be able to make your own Discovery Bottles. 

Halloween Discovery Bottles  

Materials Needed:

Empty and DRY Dasani 12 ounce bottles
Halloween Trinkets - hit the dollar sections of stores right now!  Great deals and prices!
Dry White Rice
Hot Glue


1.  First you must make sure you keep the lids to these bottles and let them completely dry before filling them with the rice.  
2.  Take off the label.  

3.  Fill the bottle half way with white rice.  Insert all of the Halloween trinkets.  

4.  Fill the rest of the bottle with rice, leaving about an inch from the lid.  

5.  Glue the lid on!  Please!  ;)  Shake the bottle to mix all of the trinkets around!  

6.  Let your child search and spy all of the great surprises!  

We had a great time enjoying our Halloween Snacks and drinks and discovering the Halloween Discovery Bottle.  Just a tip when using Discovery Bottles - sure it is fun for your child to just look at the trinkets but try engaging with him.  Ask if he can find something in the bottle that begins with "S".  Hopefully he will find the SPIDER.  Just an example.  This will build his sounding skills!  

Make sure you stop by Walmart before the Halloween season is over - these products are perfect for Halloween!  I know we will be taking our Dasani 12 ounce bottles to all of our Halloween Day activities.  Trick or Treating depends on hydration!  You know, it is serious stuff!!  ;)

My BFF and I were lucky enough to get to try out some of these great Halloween snack ideas before we went back to the house to make them.  Got to love the In Store Demos!  Did you happen to get some Fanta and Oreo cookies at the demo?  Yum!

Have you made any yummy Halloween Snacks this year?  Did you get creative with some fun crafts?

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  1. That looks awesome!
    -Lauren Atkins

  2. I like the idea of pop rocks on the glass rim - fun!!

  3. Such a fun idea to put the candy around the rim of the glass. These are all really cool. :)

  4. I guess the syrup isn't moist enough to "pop" the pop rocks. I think the kids would like this, especially if you have a variety of sodas available for all tastes.

  5. What fun ideas! Jeez, you're just full of them 'eh!
    Party's at your house I guess, see you Friday:)


  6. Thanks for the great ideas! These look so fun!

  7. Great drink ideas for the Fanta! I never thought to rim a glass with pop rocks! #client


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