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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Teagan 2 Year Old Stats & Pictures

This month has been nothing but busy however the last week or so has been all about this girl!! 

This sweet sweet girl - okay, not always sweet.  This sweet spitfire named Teagan who just turned 2!!  How is that possible?  I have no idea.  The last year has gone so fast and has been full of fun with Teagan.  

Things I do not want to forget:
  • You adore Jude, you want to do everything he does.
  • You wear size 2T clothes
  • You wear size 6 shoes
  • We have started potty training - you are getting the hang of it SOME days
  • You love your Daddy, cuddle time is important for both of you
  • You love meatballs and pizza.
  • You pass on any fruit!  Weirdo!!  
  • Milk - Teagan loves her milk!!!  
  • Tinkerbell is your favorite.
  • Sleeping....yeah, that is hit and miss still!!  
  • You can JUMP off the ground with both feet!
  • You are a climber!
  • You are so independent!  Everything "I do"!!  
  • You are now forward facing in your car seat!  Fun!!
  • You seem to love to draw and color.  
  • Reading is something you do every day.  
  • You are wild!  You are a spitfire. You can be bossy!
  • You like some night time cuddles. You are polite.  You are sweet.

Official 2 Year Stats:
25 pounds = 38%
35 inches tall = 96%

She is tall just like her brother!! So big!

We headed to our local Target Portrait Store and man our photographer was spot on.  Teagan was such a ham but she did so well.  These pictures warm my heart and make me think we are in trouble for her teenage years.  Yikes!  She does not look like she is just TWO!!  

Oh and to answer everyone's question - HECK no I did not do her hair, I paid some one 6 dollars to have her hair look nice.  We are in the middle of growing some of her bangs out which means most of the time her hair is in her face and she looks crazy!  For these pictures I wanted to see her eyes and the lady did the perfect french braid headband.  Maybe one day she will sit still and I can learn how to do this!  

Also, while I am not a girly #girlmom - I must say, I LOVE dressing her now!  The styles that are around for her age are so fun!!  Also, I wish I had her boots and sweater dress in my size!  So cute!!

Happy 2 years old Teagan!  I cannot wait to see what this year brings us all!!  

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  1. Seriously these are super cute. I am IN LOVE with the sweater and boots and you did so good on her hair! Love love love!

  2. So cute! Love how you did her hair!

  3. Very cute! And you're right, she does not look 2!

  4. She is so adorable, beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Happy Birthday beautiful little girl.


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