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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hope for the Holidays - Survive the Season: 10 Tips to Self Care

I love the holidays but when January 1st rolls around I think I am always ready for the normal.  Sure getting together with family and friends for dinner, exchanging gifts, having bad sweater parties, staying up too late, eating too much and enjoying all the decorations is a ton of fun but let's be real, it is also exhausting!  Depending on your relationships it can also be a very difficult time.

Now I am not going to go into any of my details because I am pretty sure we all have the same sorts of situations that we all have had to learn to deal with.  

Well friends, there is Hope for the Holidays.  You will survive this - but while you are surviving make sure you use the 10 Tips to Self Care during the Holiday season!  

Hope for the Holidays - Survive the Season:  10 Tips to Self Care Holiday Survival tips.  Holiday Self Care Tips.

1.  Let Go of Expectations:  
Focus on what is realistic - not ideal - or you risk facing major disappointment when things do not go as planned.  Treasure traditions, but be open to new ones as well.  Experiment with different culture's customs or invite new friends and family over to  start some new traditions.  Take a look at how your life has changed in the past year.  Be flexible and willing compromise.  Holidays are about more than what you eat and where you eat it or about the gift's price point.  Sometime the holidays do not look exactly how we remember and that is okay!  

2.  Go Tech Free:
Constant cell phone notifications and alerts keep us feeling on the edge and in constant flight or fight mode.  This is exhausting but also contributes to stress levels.  Turn those gadgets off at your holiday get together - enjoy spending time with your family and friends with out worry and distraction!

3.  Eat Breakfast and Limit Alcohol Intake:
Good nutrition helps keep the body healthy which in turn keeps the spirit more healthy.  Experts recommend limiting your alcohol intake to one or tow drinks a day.  Eat nutritious foods, drink lots of water and get some exercise.  With these tips you will be feeling less irritable and have more energy!

4.  Don't Over-schedule:
If you are are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your holiday agenda do not over schedule your time and take on more than you can manage.  Take care of yourself by saying no more often.  Enjoy those items on your agenda more by not feeling rushed or over-booked.  Do not go overboard just to please others!

5.  Ask for Help:
It is tough but this is the season to ask for help if you need it.  

6.  Don't Mask Your Mental Health:
Being open and honest about your emotions ahead of time will take some of the pressure off of staying cheery.  Talk with family members before the holiday 
and decide which traditions work best for you.

7.  Get Some Rest:
Sure your list of things you need to achieve is long but staying up late and missing out on much needed sleep will not be helpful in the long run.  Skimping out on sleep can leave you stressed and tired, through off your diet, and increase your risk of colds, depression and even car accidents!  Make sleep and rest a priority this season!

8.  Savor a Spicy Meal:
Yikes - not a tip I am thrilled about (I am such a baby)!  Hot foods trigger the release of endorphin's - the natural chemicals that trigger feelings of euphoria and well-being!  

9.  Stick to your Daily Routine:
Prioritize your workouts, book club and other activities that benefit you.  Do not try to squeeze in more holiday than you can handle.  

10.  Laugh Hard:
Laughing reduces stress hormones; which in turn helps immune cells function better!  So keep laughing all season long!

What tips would you add to this list? Any Holiday Survival Tips that are crucial to you?

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  1. Great tips, Censie!

    I always try to carve 10-15 minutes to myself - maybe a bubble bath or a few extra minutes in the shower, or reading a book in my room. Helps center myself

  2. These are such great and timely tips! Thank you!!

  3. Great tips, I wouldn't add a thing. Never knew about the spicy foods though!

  4. Ahhh..if only those tips could work for me and my family ! Wonderful post,though !

  5. I wish people would go tech free. I dont have a fancy phone as when I am out of the house I disconnect.

  6. Great tips and suggestions. I am currently in a fibromyalgia flare and thankfully I don't have to prep a large meal. But I plan on using these tips.


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