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Friday, November 21, 2014

North Pole - Home of Santa's Workshop Colorado Springs #Colorado

Disclosure:  I was provided with free tickets to the North Pole in return for my honest review.  As always all opinions are my own.  

This time of there we are always looking for fun family activities that get us out enjoying our favorite state and holiday - Colorado and Christmas.  Lucky for us we happen to have the North Pole - Home of Santa's Workshop just a couple hours away from us!  Yes, THE North Pole is here in Colorado! I am a Colorado native and sadly this was my first visit to the workshop. 

About North Pole - Home of Santa's Workshop:

A Christmas themed family amusement park that has been in existence since 1956.   Santa’s Workshop has grown through the years, but pure enjoyment of the Christmas spirit has remained the same for the past 50 years.

Christmas music fills the air as visitors browse through the village. At the center of Santa’s Workshop is the North Pole, an ice-covered pole that never melts. Surrounding the North Pole are a variety of gift shops, each with their own unique selection of toys & gifts. Of course, the highlight of everyone’s visit is a trip to Santa’s House to greet the jolly old elf himself.

Dispersed throughout the park there are more than 25 rides and other attractions. Magic shows are shown throughout the day at Santa’s Show House. Visitors can listen to a variety of tunes from the 1919 Band Organ, which evoke memories of years past. A picnic pavilion is located near the front of the park for guests who would like to bring their own food. 

Santa’s Workshop/North Pole is located at the foot of Pikes Peak. Our altitude is 7500 feet and the park is situated on the side of Pikes Peak mountain.  The views are amazing and perfect for a day of enjoying Colorado!

The dusting of snow and sights of Christmas made our morning when we walked into the park.  Like I said, this was my first time visiting this historic Colorado attraction so I wasn't sure what to expect.  We met my bloggy friend Heather and her family at the park and we were all dressed in layers and ready for the day.  Listen, it has been SUPER cold in Colorado recently so we were a bit nervous that we would be freezing but it turned out to be a cold yet sunny day and if you know anything about Colorado, the sun helps warm you up even when it is FREEZING out.  

Santa's Tip:  
Dress appropriately for the mountains. Come prepared for any type of weather — rain & thunder storms in the summer, cold and snow in the fall.  Come as early in the day as is possible, it seems rain showers and other precipitation hit in the afternoons.

Jude and Lennox.  Even though they have only met each other 2 times they act like they are the best of friends.  I love the hearts and minds of kids, they truly show kindness and just want to have fun and be happy!  Once we were all bundled up and ready we headed inside.  The kids thought it was so cool to be at the North Pole!  

The kiddos were so excited to get on the rides the moment we walked into the park.  

Santa's Tip:
Santa’s Workshop has over 25 amusement rides for guests’ enjoyment. They are all different and have certain requirements for each ride. They understand that parents with small children want them to ride as many rides as possible. They try to achieve this with a variety of rides designed for families and small children. They do try to keep the restrictions as few as possible, but safety will always come first. If you have a 2 – 3 year old of average height (32”) there is only one ride they would not be able to ride. All other rides they may ride either by themselves or with an adult.

I usually worry about Teagan not getting to do what Jude gets to do because she is younger but thankfully Teagan was able to do everything that Jude and Lennox did.  She felt pretty big and had such a great time.  Seeing her drive was so cute!  

The North Pole is a mixture of a fair and festival in my opinion.  The Christmas music playing through out the park, the festival food, the fair rides and the fun activities around the large park make the day busy and full of fun.  I felt like we were in a winter wonderland with all the rides decorated for Christmas, such a fun spin on the holiday.  

Teagan fell in love with Heather.  She wanted to do everything with Heather.  So cute.  Also, Teagan is a daredevil - she loved all of the rides!  Even the fast ones!

Santa's Tip:
It is recommended to allow at least 3 hours at the park.  This will allow your family to ride the rides, visit Santa, enjoy some food, and watch a magic show.  

For those of you that are from Colorado - do you remember the gondolas at the old Elitches Gardens?  It was so fun to have these rides with our kids.  Took me back to the many rides I had with my parents in the summers at Elitches!  

Santa's Tip:
Parking is FREE at the North Pole!  

I am so afraid of heights but this view was awesome!  We seriously live in an amazing State.  

Santa's Tip:
They are always open “weather permitting” so yes they can be closed due to the weather. They know by 8:30 in the morning if they will be able to open or not. There are many factors that must be evaluated to make this decision. It can be extreme cold, icy conditions, road conditions, fog, rain, etc. If in doubt please call ahead before coming to the park. Once the decision is made to close the park, it will be closed all day even if the weather improves.

Once we rode some of the rides and walk around the park a bit we found Santa's house!  Jude was so excited to talk to Santa this year.  And I must say, this Santa was awesome.  He engaged with the kids so well and personally - I think he is the REAL Santa.  Check out that beard!  

Jude asked Santa for a Rainbow Dash shirt and a "Going Fishing" Game.  Easy enough!  

Last year Teagan was terrified of Santa so we were not sure how she would act this year.  She got so excited once he started talking to her.  So cute!  She even sat on his lap alone!!  Brave girl!  Like I said, this Santa was amazing.  He has done his homework that's for sure.  When Teagan walked up and said "Doc please"?  He immediatly said "Oh you like Doc McStuffins and I do too!!" Well played Santa!! 

Teagan asked for Doc (she wants the mobile clinic), Elsa and Ana.  Too cute.  

Here is our official North Pole Santa picture for 2014.  Turned out great!  I think it is so cute how bundled up the kids are.  

Santa's Tip:
They do have pictures with Santa in his house. They have a variety of packages available from $7.00 to $24.00. If you want to order pictures with Santa, please proceed to the Souvenir Shop (#5 on your map) as soon as you leave Santa’s House. That way you can get your pictures ordered and be able to pick them up before you leave the park. You may also take your own pictures with Santa.

I wish I would have read more about the Letters to Santa before we visited because I think it would have been a lot of fun to participate.  Something to remember for next year!  I love this big mailbox and I had to capture a picture of Jude trying to mail a letter to Santa.  

Santa's Tip:
They receive thousands of Santa letters from boys and girls all over the globe. If there is a legible name and address from the sender they will receive a postcard from Santa. This postcard is sent from mail received from October 1 thru December 10. Any mail received before or after will not be answered. There is no charge for the postcard.

And then there is this picture!  Oh these 2!!  I love that Jude has friends all over the country.  They had a great time running around the park and riding rides together.  Too cute.  Jude keeps telling us that he needs to go to Texas to see Lennox.  

Teagan on the North Pole train.  Choo Choo!!  

Santa's Tip:
A different way of paying in the park.  They have a purchase card system at the park. When you pay your admission each person will receive a purchase card. All of these cards must be turned in at the end of your visit whether you used it or not. Present a purchase card to any sales clerk or food worker and they will write your purchases on the card. You pay for all purchases when you leave at the end of the day.

While on the train we got to see the Reindeer!  They were so graceful and BIG.  A fun treat for the kids to see a real life Reindeer!!

All of the buildings through out the park are the cutest things ever.  Painted like we are in a little magically town.  You can find all kinds of activities and shops while walking through the park.  Glass blowing, candle making, fire pits, toy shops and food.  

Santa's Tip:
Admission includes unlimited rides and all shows the family can enjoy together. You do not pay for each ride.

This was Teagan's favorite ride.  She loved the bugs and laughed the whole time.  I think this is what I loved the most about the North Pole.  Teagan had so much fun - this is the perfect adventure out for all ages!! 

To say the kids had fun would be an understatement.  I thought it was fun that the rides were different than some of the carnival/festival rides that Jude has experienced before.  

Santa's Tip:
Always wear comfortable shoes as we have a very hilly terrain (we recommend tennis shoes).

Okay this ride was so funny!  It was a calm version of a high drop ride you would find at a Six Flags.  They sat on saddles and went all the way up and then bounced down like they were on a horse!  So funny!  The laughs that Jude and Lennox had on this ride made all of us laugh while watching them.  

HA!  Poor Jeremy!  He had to take ALL the kids on the spinning ride!  They had fun though.  

Hours and Rates:

2014 Season  May 17, 2014 – December 24, 2014

Generally open 10am - 5pm.  Check website for early closures.  Normally closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Under Age 2 - FREE
General Admission Ages 2 – 59  $21.00 per person
Senior Admission 60+  FREE
Small Group Rate (6 or more)  $19.00 per person
Active Duty Military, Active Duty Military Family, or Retired Military with Current Military ID
Bring your ID’s — Everyone age 10 and up must show their own Military ID to receive the Military rate. $16.00 per person

Thanksgiving Week is a big traffic week for the North Pole. Closed on Thanksgiving.  Open 10am - 5pm. 

We had such a great time that I really feel like this could become a family tradition.  A park totally dedicated to Christmas is such a fun idea.  Plus the location is breathtaking!  Another fun idea is to visit the North Pole and Santa in the middle of summer!  A great time to visit Pikes Peak and enjoy the Christmas spirit not just in December

Contact Information for the North Pole-Home of Santa's Workshop:

Have you ever visited The North Pole in Colorado Springs?

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  1. That looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I have always wanted to go since I was a kid but we would always end up somewhere else lol.

  2. We LOVE the North Pole. It is a tradition for us to go every year! Sometimes we go during the twilight hours to have a little fun one day and come back the other day free of charge! We've stayed all day too. I love the toys they have- good prices and different than some of the things in regular stores (plus I can totally say it came from the North Pole without lying).

  3. I remember a place like this growing up. They had a big ice thing that we love touching.

  4. Such an adorable amusement park! And wow can't beat that price, some places around here are $50 per person...unreal!! The kids are so cute!! :)

  5. Yes, I visited there when I was about 3. My aunt and uncle were stationed in Colorado Springs and we visited in the summer...and went to the North Pole. I loved it. Although we then proceeded to drive up Pike's Peak...which I didn't enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Your post brings back wonderful memories.

  6. It was so much fun! I'm so glad that Lennox got to go with Jude and Teagan too - so much more fun than if we had gone on our own. And the picture of them holding hands walking away ... melts my heart! What two cute little kids!!! I wish I had known about the Letters too!

  7. That place looks amazing!!! Wish I lived in Colorado Springs!

  8. So adorable! I like how admission includes unlimited rides. I wish I were local!

  9. This looks like so much fun. I have been to this area of Colorado as a child but I don't think we ever visited this park. I would love to visit one day.

  10. Oh my this looks like so much fun! I'm definitely going to have to take a trip down there with my son. He'd love it! What a magical place.


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