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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Our Year in Review

Hard to believe that we are saying good-bye to 2014 tonight.  I honestly cannot believe how fast this year went.  2014 we were blessed.  Blessed with health, blessed with friends and family, blessed with new jobs and current jobs and blessed with growth in so many areas of our lives.  

So my word for 2014 - BLESSED!

We started the year off with Jeremy recovering from his last surgery and returning to work.  Blessed. We set a goal of saving close to $1400.00 by year end using the 52 Week Money Challenge.  Jude got creative with these Heart Sun Catchers.  We started a tradition with my Aunt by taking Jude to the National Western Stock Show and Pro Rodeo with her.  Such a fun time.  

We wore our Orange and Blue proudly and even got my dad to paint his face.  Yes we are still aware of the Bronco FAIL in the Superbowl but memories were made!  I shared my Adoption Story and some awesome vintage photos of my family.  Teagan wore her first pigtails!  

We brought the rainbow fun into our kitchen and our craft table.  Sure my Rainbow Cake in Mason Jars brought an awesome pinterest fail but I tried again and SUCCESS!!  Jude made a perfect Rainbow Stained Glass for our front window too!  I think we were ready for spring!  We got a short visit with Jeremy's parents and enjoyed a trip to the Butterfly Pavilion.  Jude got to go roller skating for the first time!  Teagan loved running around the rink too!

Teagan had a lot of firsts in April, growing up so fast.  Teagan did great at her first Dentist Appointment - clean and healthy teeth!!  We waited for a while but final had to give in and take her in for her first bang trim too!  We went in for her first haircut and she came out looking like a little lady!  It was decided that Teagan needed her own room so we transformed the nursery into a big boy room for Jude which meant he was finally in a Big Boy Big!!  Easter was a great time for both kids.  Lots of fun doing the traditional Egg Hunts, Easter Bunny Visit, Easter Eggs and church.  

I found my creativity for Jude's teacher gift for the end of the year and I love it!  We indulged in the new Colorado favorite Voodoo Doughnut Mile High.  Delicious and totally worth the wait!  We decided to build a garden in the backyard!  Such a great idea and activity for Jude and Teagan.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a trip to Arkansas for my first blogger conference.  I learned so much, met so many amazing people, danced the night away and had a blast!  I cannot wait for my next conference!  

June started out with strep - a lot of strep!!  Jude, Teagan and myself!  Super fun!  And the Myth was busted - children under 2 CAN get strep!  My best blogger friend, Heather, and her family came to Colorado for a visit.  We all headed to the Colorado Rockies game for an evening out!  Jude turned 4!!  Happy Birthday Jude!   We had the Purrfect Puss in Boots birthday party for our 4 year old!

July was busy with a big family vacation.  Jeremy's whole family came to Colorado and we got to spend 2 weeks together.  We took a trip to Glenwood Springs and to the family cabin too.  Such a fun vacation!  To celebrate Jude's birthday we went to our favorite zoo - the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.  Found my DIY bug and made some Monster Be Gone Spray that has been a life saver for us!  

We took a trip with some friends to a local spot called Tiny Town.  We enjoyed the cooler weather and our friends.  I shared our family pictures from when Jeremy's family was in town.  Our favorite photographer did amazing work AGAIN!  Jude started school - this year he is in the 3 day preschool program.  Jeremy and I became Breaking Bad obsessed!  

T-Ball and Tumbling - it is our life.  Our weekends are full of fun activities and I love it!  We took a family field trip to see Thomas the Train - Teagan was super excited to meet him for the first time.  Jude's school photo turned out so cute!  He looks so much older than last year! 

To say October was a busy month is a HUGE understatement.  We started by going on a field trip with Jude's class to a local working farm called Miller Farms.  Great learning experience for the kids.  We met Jeremy's parents in Portland for a family wedding and quick weekend trip.  The city is beautiful and the wedding was perfect.  We visited our favorite Pumpkin Patch - Anderson Farms and got our traditional costume photos before the rain came!  Teagan turned 2!!  How is that possible?  We celebrated with the perfect Lorax Birthday party for her.  Happy Birthday Teagan!!

I shared a family recipe that Jeremy adores.  Sausage Soup Recipe.   We focused on staying healthy during the holidays.  We started preparing for our Elf on the Shelf to return!  Once again, my blogging BFF came to Colorado for a visit.  This time we headed to the North Pole in Colorado Springs for some Christmas fun!

Our Elf on the Shelf fun started!  We introduced a new elf too!  We decorated our front window for Christmas with these Stained Glass Ornament crafts that both Teagan and Jude enjoyed!  Our family pictures for 2014 were ready - once again Krista created magic!  Jude had his preschool Christmas Program at school, he loved singing in front of the church with his friends.  Christmas came and went but we had a day full of fun and family. 

Wow what a year!  Once again, I know how blessed we are and I can only hope that 2015 is just as blessed for us and you all.  Thank you for being amazing readers and supportive of our family.  

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. I am so happy that you had a great year. Here is hoping 2015 treats you just as well.

  2. What a great year! I love the idea of a "year in review." Happy New Year!

  3. Love the year in review pictures!
    {especially the rollerskating photo!}
    We had a blessed 2014 as well and are looking forward to all the excitement in 2015.

  4. what a wonderful year you had. Your family is a beautiful one. thank you for sharing them.

  5. Love the pictures! Looks like you had a great year. Here's to a wonderful 2015!

  6. Those are fantastic pictures. Such great memories.

  7. Wow, what a busy year! I love the word of the year and congrats on your first blogger conference. Something I hope to do in 2015! Happy New Year!

  8. Looks like your family had an amazing year! Here's to an even better one ahead!

  9. What a wonderful post to encompass this past year for your family! May this next one be just as wonderful for you... happy New Year :)

  10. It really sounds like a fantastic year. It looks like you were truly blessed.

  11. It was fun to look back at the highlihts of your year with you here. I am looking forward to next year's wrap up.

  12. What a cute post! You guys sure did have a lot of fun! I hope to do the same with my family this year.

  13. Whew Finally got a chance to read this! Censie 2014 was just the beginning! You had a great year and did amazing things. I cannot wait to see what 2015 brings you <3


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