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Monday, December 1, 2014

Coffee Lovers Unite! Dunkin' Wants To Give Us All A Treat!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dunkin’ Brands. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Well I might have a coffee obsession.  It's like the fuel for my overly tired brain and body.  I simply do not function properly until I have my yummy coffee in the morning.  Recently, this obsession has gotten even more of an obsession since a certain coffee joint opened up TOO close to my work.  Yes, you guessed it...

Oh my goodness - where have you been Dunkin' Donuts???  Now it isn't just a coffee obsession it is a Dunkin' Donuts Coffee and treat obsession.  Honestly, I hadn't tried Dunkin Donuts until just recently, I always heard my east coast friends rave about the coffee but never had it.  Now I get it. The coffee is simply amazing.  And do not forget the yummy donuts and breakfast sandwiches too.  Yum!  Lucky for me there is a Dunkin Donuts just 3 minutes from home and 5 minutes from work now!  They are popping up every where here in Colorado...finally!  

Personally my favorite combo for those mornings that I really need a pick me up is a Hot Caramel Latte and a Strawberry Frosted Donut!  NOM!!!  So good!  Oh and don't forget to try the Vanilla Chai - that is the perfect holiday drink if you ask me.  The flavors and aromas make me want to sit on my couch with a warm blanket and a good book.  

When you have an obsession it is always nice to get rewarded for your obsession, so when I found out about the DD Perks I knew I had to sign up.  I get Perks every time I purchase items and that leads to free drinks!!  HEY!!!  Sign me up!! 

Well my fellow Coffee Lovers - lets unite!  Dunkin wants to give us all an extra treat this week!!  

Here is what you have to do:

Enroll in the DD Perks program today!  From December 1-5, 2014, enroll in DD Perks® via the Dunkin’ Mobile App using promo code “BLOG” to get a $5 virtual DD Card applied to your app upon enrollment! That’s a free $5 to spend at Dunkin’ Donuts!   That is a free $5!!  

With DD Perks, guests will earn five points for every dollar they spend when they pay using an enrolled Dunkin’ Donuts Card, either plastic or via the Dunkin’ Mobile® App. Once a member accrues 200 points, he or she receives a coupon for a beverage of their choice.

The DD Perks program is fully integrated into the Dunkin’ Mobile App. They made it simple for guests to enroll cards already in their DD Mobile App into the loyalty program. Dunkin’ Donuts launched the Dunkin’ App in August of 2012, offering guests an entirely new level of speed and convenience. They were the first national coffee retailer to enable people to send virtual gift cards three ways: text, e-mail and Facebook Connect, and launching the DD Perks program is just another step to show how we are dedicated to technology and creating programs that best fit into our customer’s lives.  

Alright friends, have you downloaded the app yet?  Okay, do that, and then use that special BLOG code and boom you have your FREE $5! Hurry - this offer is only good from 12/1/2014 - 12/5/2014!! 

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What will you buy with your $5.00?

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  1. I grew up with Dunkin' Donuts - I'm not a huge coffee drinker but I do love their donuts!

  2. I tried Dunkin for the first time about a month ago...yummy!

  3. I need to share this with my sister, she LOVES Dunkin Donuts!!


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