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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Peppermint and Cupcake have gone back to the North Pole for the year and the kids already miss them.  Teagan was actually really upset when she found out they would not be visiting again until next year.  

It was a fun year at our house with the Elves.  Getting a new Elf for Teagan, the challenge of finding things for both of the elves to do, and of course getting that creative mind going to keep the magic alive!!  

Here are some of the Elf on the Shelf ideas we had for the last 2 weeks of our Elves.  

Hey DJ!  Turn it up!!  These two might have had a party when we left for work.  Who knows!  

Oh these must be the left over party goers!  Elves love their friends!

Swinging in the kitchen, just swinging in the kitchen!!  

How did they get on the fan!!??  Oh, this one is made by Daddy!  

Tic Tac Toe!  Cupcake wins!!  Also, great idea until the cat starts eating the marshmallows!!  

The elves declared it a Cookie making day!!!

Well...I guess since they brought us the cookie supplies they deserved to eat one too!  Nom!!!

Exhausted!  Peppermint seems to have caught a cold and miss Cupcake is caring for him.  Such a good friend.  

A tradition continues.  The Elves found the Santa cup and plate and reindeer bowl.  Christmas Eve is here!!  Our last visit comes with new PJs to wear to bed too!   

Like these ideas?  Make sure you pin this for next year!!  

I hope that your Elves had a great time visiting this year. Until next year!!  Happy Holidays!  

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  1. I really have to get some of these, I have seen hilarious pics :)

  2. too cute! i love elf on the shelf!

  3. Those elves were apparently very busy this holiday season! Looking forward to seeing them again next year!


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