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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Elf on the Shelf - Easy Ideas For Two Elves

Well, it's been about 2 weeks since we had our first Elf on the Shelf visit for 2014.  How is it going parents?  Are you remembering to move your Elf every night?  Are you getting creative?  Have you had fun?  How about those kiddos?  Are they feeling the magic?  

Peppermint and Cupcake have been busy since last week.  We have had some laughs and fun.  I love seeing the magic!  We have had one mishap - Teagan loves to touch the elves!  Yikes.  We keep telling her to stop but she is 2 soooo.  And when she does touch, Jude freaks out!  So we are trying to balance that issue.  

Gone Fishing:  This one had Jude and Teagan laughing. Peppermint and Cupcake are trying to catch their dinner I guess.  I found these perfect sized fishing poles at Michael's and I love them.  They will be a reoccurring Elf on the Shelf activity for years to come!

Stocking Fun:  Peppermint and Cupcake finally got our stockings hung for us.  They decided to surprise us one morning!  This is a perfect "easy elf night" move.   

Ornament Elves:  Okay, I had two "easy elf nights".  Having the Elves in the tree was the perfect game of hide and seek in the morning.  

Bring Friends to Sing and Dance:  Well we will never have peace and quiet thanks to these crazy elves.  We now have singing and dancing Chipmunks to make our holiday season completely annoying fun!  Thanks Peppermint and Cupcake!!  Okay, all jokes aside, these are the cutest things and the kiddos are in love!  

Snowball Fight!!:  Peppermint and Cupcake had a small snowball fight on the kitchen table!  Not with snow - but with sparkly tinsel pom poms!  So cute!

Get Creative:  Last year we did this as well - found easy foam ornaments that Jude could do on his own.  This year I found these super cute (yet naked) Elf on the Shelf ornaments.  I love that Teagan is able to do these crafts this year as well.  We had a night of making Elf ornaments for the tree.  

Hanging Around:  These crazy Elves!!  Hanging upside down from the light fixture!!  Yikes!!  This one was fun to eat dinner under! 

Well that is week two for Peppermint and Cupcake.  Pretty fun week!  

How was your week with your Elves?  

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  1. Great cute ideas, I love the Alvin and the Chipmunks idea, and the Elfs hanging from the light.


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