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Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Clean-Up Check List - Hardwood Floor Cleaning Made Easy

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I love this time of the year.  There is something so magical with the decorations, events and traditions that make the whole month of December special.  With all of the fun traditions brings gatherings and visitors to the house.  Look, I am not one to cover up the truth - my house is mostly a mess ALL the time BUT if you tell me you are coming over, you better believe I will clean like a mad woman to try to fool you!  To do this with out completely losing my mind I have a Ten Minute Holiday Clean - Up Check List that I use - okay I do it even when it isn't the holidays! This includes the ever favorite, floor cleaning!  

I would rather tackle everything else on my check list including the giant pile of growing dirty dishes from baking than focus on the floor cleaning that has to be done at least 2 times a week in our house!  There is something so daunting about the hardwood floor cleaning and vacuuming that Jeremy and I both do not like.  This was before we found the best spray mop that we have ever owned.  

Introducing our first Christmas present to one another this year, it never made it under the tree BUT we are certainly using it under the tree.  This O-Cedar Pro Mist spray mop is amazing.  Our every day floors get pretty gross with kitty hair, food from the kids, dirt from the outside and normal dust but come Christmas I find myself with more "STUFF" on the floor.  We have a fake Christmas tree but it is old, which means it sheds - LOVELY.  We love to do crafts, this means glitter and other craft mess finds its way on the floor as well.  Oh and don't forget all the extra cooking and baking - look I am a messy cook!  ;)

Well now that we have this lovely spray mop we both tackle the "Floors" off the check list like nothing!  The  Pro Mist has a refillable bottle for floor cleaning solution that you can fill with whatever cleaner is your favorite.  This means you can make your own OR buy your favorite when you are in a rush.  Talk about simple!  Plus this is like no other spray mop - the microfiber pads makes sure that the dirt and dust stays put with the millions of microscopic fibers on each pad.  

Use this free printable to help you tackle this Holiday Season like a pro!

Ten Minute Holiday Clean - Up Check List Printable 

My Ten Minute Holiday Clean-Up Check List helps me keep on top of the mess for when we have guests coming over.  

The first thing I do is grab a our toy baskets in the living room and put all the toys away.  This is a task that Jude has started helping me with too.  Sure they pile up BUT it means the toys are off the floor!!  

Next I go to the kitchen and make sure the dishes are done and the sink it clean.  I have a bad habit of letting the dishes pile up and we have dishwasher!  Yes, I know, it is a bad habit!  Should get better at this.

I like to clean our bathroom at least a couple times a week so usually our bathroom is ready for guests but I always make sure to do a good surface clean just in case.  There is nothing worse than a gross bathroom!!  

Then I go for the trash; grabbing the kitchen and bathroom trash especially.  Then of course emptying Teagan's Diaper Can as well.  

Lastly, after the floors are picked up I use the O-Cedar Pro Mist spray mop to make the house smell nice and fresh AND the floors sparkle!  The microfiber pads do most of the work for me! 

Hopefully you can use this Ten Minute Holiday Clean-Up Check List to help you feel more prepared for the holiday season!  

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  1. We have one and it works great! The holiday time is so messy!

  2. Love this post so much!! Thanks for the great tips.

  3. I could definitely use one of these! Our floors need to be cleaned numerous times per day, especially at this time of year.

  4. Great checklist! And thanks for the real shot of your sink! Mine looks the same way - I don't feel as bad now ;)

  5. I have the hardest time keeping up with my floors too. Hopefully between my new ProMist and your handy checklist, it'll keep me in line! #client


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