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Friday, December 19, 2014

Jude's Christmas Program

Last weekend Jude had his school Christmas Program and once again we saw his inner HAM!  He was super excited to show us his songs and poem he had learned.  It is always fun to see him interacting with his friends at school too.  

Our sharp looking boy ready to go sing!  

See him?  He knew all the actions to the songs too.  So cute!  

Going to these events is one of my favorite things about being a mom - I love that Jude is old enough to do these programs and I cannot wait until we get to see Teagan do hers too!  

This is Jude's best friend - they always play together and we have had a couple outside of school play dates.  It is great to see Jude with his buddies.  

Merry Christmas!!

Did your kiddos have their Christmas program yet this year?

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  1. Oh my, how adorable! I remember the many Christmas programs that my son was in, such great memories. He's twenty-two, time really flies by, cherish these moments! :)

  2. Very cute pic's. I love Christmas programs that the kids are in - it is my favorite thing during the holidays. Priceless Moments!

  3. I just love little ones in programs. Yours is adorable.

  4. My son had his christmas concert a few weeks back. I love attending christmas programs they are so much fun.

  5. I love it! My son got to play Joseph this year and was over the moon about it. I love watching kids perform.

  6. It looks like they did a great job.Your son is adorable!! Merry Christmas.

  7. You're right. Seeing my son perform at these types of programs is precious, and never gets old.

  8. Oh those pictures are adorable! I used to get teary every time I watched a performance by my kids when they were little.


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