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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Years Eve Cocktails - Glitter & Sass

In my fancy dreamland of a world I am hosting a New Years Eve Party.  Like I said, it is my dreamland.  In this dreamland I want a number of fun and fancy cocktails for everyone to enjoy.  There is also a ton of glitter and sass at this party.  One day friends, One Day!!  Until then - my silly pinterest round ups will have to keep me dreaming!  

New Years Eve Cocktails - Glitter & Sass.  Glittered Jello Shots.  Sparkling Cotton Candy Drinks. Candy Cane White Russian.  Snickerdoodle Martinis.  Fun Martinis.  Confetti Martini.  Fun drinks for New Years Eve.

Here are some of the New Years Eve Cocktails I would serve at my party!  Some of these are so pretty!  Almost too pretty to drink!

Glittered Jello Shots - Tablespoon

Sparkling Cotton Candy Drink - Vicky Barone

Candy Cane White Russian - Building Our Story 

Snickerdoodle Martinis - Dawn Nicole

Champagne Chantilly Shooters - Sprinkle Bakes 

Sparkling Holiday Cocktail - Bellalimento

Confetti Martini - From Which Things Grow

Rock Candy Cocktail - A Beautiful Mess

White Cranberry Martini - Ask Anna  

Are you planning a New Years Eve Party?

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  1. I do not drink because I am still nursing baby but these all sound amazing. I think I will try some of them virgin - great list! Yum!

  2. I think that Confetti Martini will be the perfect signature cocktail to serve at our upcoming NYE party!

  3. These are great drinks! I can't wait to try some out for my ladies nights!


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