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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Santa Picture 2014

This year we skipped the mall line to see Santa and went to a fun place in Colorado Springs, Colorado called the North Pole instead!  It was a much better choice!  Teagan was not scared and both Jude and Teagan told Santa exactly what they wanted for Christmas!  So cute!!

How did your Santa picture turn out this year?

 photo signature_zps997af43a.png


  1. 1. I love this photo because I was there too! 2. It was such a unique spot to get their photo taken that I think it has a great back story for many years to come!

  2. I love Santa photos! When I was little, either me or my twin sister (I can't remember) was scared, and would cry in every photo. But this one is just too cute for words!

  3. This sounds like a great place to take the kids. Our Santa picture turned out great this year :)

  4. I love the background for the photo. I need to get photos of my kids!

  5. We actually haven't taken Santa pics yet. Guess we need to get on that one. We usually do santa on the beach since we are close, but just didn't go that route this year.

  6. We haven't taken Santa photos yet. Hopefully, next weekend we can visit with Santa Claus.


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